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manygoodtips.com_4.12.2016_acZF1peUDrPGWOn the shoulders of the tea tradition was brought up many generations of men. Tea brings people together, even as different as the British, the Chinese and the Russians. Tea drink, but do it in their own way. For example, if you take the West, the tea I prefer to add cream or milk, and if the East, tea is often added lemon, what you know, because in Russia make out more often. But if we take a purely tea country, we find that the ways of tea consumption is not as much as his grades. We have black and green tea, while in China, there are many tastes that will come in handy when you need to collect beautiful tea gift. Here only to understand them is not easy, but we can help. Will tell you about the best and most common varieties.

If you’re wondering exactly where to order presented the tea, then use the store «Tian Zhen» — they have plenty of choice and delivery that are trustworthy.

Green tea

The most common type of tea in the world. In China, it has gained a cult status and has replaced plain water and carbonated water. No, the Chinese are also buying banks, Coca-cola, but with tea they have a much closer relationship. Be sure to take it with you to work in a thermos — it is well invigorates, as it contains a good dose of caffeine. Drink it chilled, hot and warm. Brew it in different ways. There are, of course, strict tea traditions, but the Chinese prefer to drink as you want.

Green tea differs from others in that it is practically not subjected to technical processing. It is not fermented. So he has a light floral aroma and a pronounced fresh, slightly sweet flavor. To drink this tea and in that case, if you want to strengthen your immune system. If you want to gain strength and protect yourself from cardiovascular disease, green tea should be drunk regularly.

Black tea

Throughout the world it is called «black» but in China, this tea is called «red». Traditionally, black tea is the most common in Europe (including Russia). This tea is fermented fully, he has a long technological chain of production. Fermentation can take up to a month, so from a technical point of view of black tea a more expensive product. He loved the Europeans rather practical reasons — fermented tea leaves did not deteriorate after long-term operations. So when Britain lost the possibility of supplying tea directly from China, they established their plantations with black tea, not green. Traditional British tea, usually black. Today we can’t imagine British culture without tea, as it is impossible to imagine Russian culture without a samovar, where he brewed black tea.

While black tea is quite traditional for China. It is used as a treatment during headaches. It also helps people to quickly Wake up, because there is quite a lot of caffeine.

Milk Oolong


If you often go to restaurants and love to play tea, you probably at least once ordered milk Oolong. This teas unique taste. Some believe that milk Oolongs are soaked in milk, but it’s not. In production, the aromatization of the milk serum. In other words, the milk is not there. Aromatization takes place during fermentation, and it undergoes only part of the leaves. That is milk Oolong is not fully fermented, but only partial.

How to identify a good milk Oolong you have in the Cup? First, it should have a light creamy taste with slight caramel notes. Not strong and Intrusive, namely the lungs. Secondly, the real milk Oolong grows only in two provinces of China. Fazanska high mountain Oolongs are considered the best. So pay attention to the place of production. If you want to simplify your life, simply dial the tea through the «Tian Zhen».

Tieguanyin Oolong

And Oolong again, but this time tegwyn. He medium fermentation, and it reminds us of spring and the flowering — this had the heady aroma. Tegwyn already grown more than 12 centuries. The tea is one of the ten most famous teas in China. The technological process is interesting because during the fermentation oxidizes only the edge of the sheet when the core remains fresh. In the process, synthesized essential oils, which create unique «intoxicating» floral fragrance.

This tea can be brewed many times. There are no strict rules for welding. You just take hot water (about 98 degrees) and increase the steeping time in each of the next welding. Infuse Oolong need from a half to five minutes. Many Chinese people associate this tea with the development of creative abilities through what thegoing helps to stimulate the respiratory centers, which increases the efficiency of the brain. If your friend is a creative person, don’t forget to take the tea set, which contains Tieguanyin Oolong.

Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea is popular with many of our friends. This is not surprising — the tea perfectly demonstrates a large palette of floral flavors that improves the mood and adds a bit of lightness in life. But to choose a good Jasmine tea, you need to remember that in this case, it should be a little Jasmine petals. Tea leaves are more expensive than the Jasmine, so the flavor component do not need to fill out space tea pack Jasmine needs to perform its function and nothing more.

If we talk about tea «Tian Zhen», it is produced in Guangxi province, which is located in the South of China. The province is famous for Jasmine, which is grown specifically for the production of tea. The very aromatization is carried out during flowering Jasmine, which makes the flavor deeper and more intense. This tea was considered a drink of Chinese aristocrats from the time of the song dynasty.

Ginseng Oolong tea

From the name it is clear that the composition of tea includes ginseng. Ginseng is often used in medicine. Therefore, this type of Oolong is defined by a combination of Eastern medicine and ancient tea traditions. It is useful for the treatment of colds, strengthen the immune system or relieving stress that in terms of crazy cities in the us.

He has a lot of medicinal properties, but even if you’re not a fan of this medicine then you will like its taste — it is unusual, slightly sweet. This tea is not to be confused. Taste owes its uniqueness to the special technology of weak fermentation. In General, if you are the nervous guy, or among your acquaintances there are people who are constantly «in the mood», but still ill always, our advice to you — give them a couple of cans of Ginseng Oolong.


PU-erh tea is of two types: Shu (dark) and Shen (green). It is considered that the pressed PU’er loose is better, but it is not so. Pressing is just a tradition. But if you think logically, then inside these «pancakes» can press the raw materials of any quality, and it will not be visible during the purchase. Therefore, we recommend taking a loose PU-erh, which can be directly checked.


The culture of PU-erh in China is somewhat similar to the culture of wine in Europe. There are different traditions of drinking, production and General understanding of this tea. It is more difficult to do than other varieties of tea. The fact that he is at the stage of postfermentation. First, tea leaves are felled, twisted and dried. They were then kept in a certain humidity and certain temperatures. And then, when the tea Matures, it is again stirred and dried in a natural way. A very long process, but he acquitted 22 medicinal properties, about which everyone knows a tea drinker. Not all at once, but you might be interested to know that tea can help in the treatment of heart diseases and nervous disorders, and also it neutralizes the effects of toxins than helps to cure hangover state. Today, tea is experiencing a renewed popularity, and this rise is justified.

If you don’t know tea, we recommend you to take a whole bunch — it is a gift and well packaged. Kits suitable for different thickness of pocket, but the tea is good and directly from Chinese plantations.

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