How to choose sunglasses comes a time when the sun would Shine from early morning until late evening. To go outside without sunglasses on a bright Sunny day — not an option.

Choose glasses is not always easy. Sometimes, promeneuse and somewhat disappointed, concluding that, in principle, you do not go to points. In fact, you could choose the form of points, doesn’t fit your face type.

On these pictures you can easily determine your face type and choose the appropriate form of points.

1.Round face


Aviators or square, angular frames — sample points-Wayfarer.

2. Oval face


Any form, the main recommendation — that the rim width will coincide with the widest part of your face.

3. Square face

It was a

Rounded slightly curved frame. Face shape is already quite aggressive, so angular massive points will only aggravate it.

4. Rectangular face


Shaded from top lenses, no sharp geometric shapes. On the contrary, the shape of the face must balance and mitigate.

5. Face heart shaped


More square frames that will balance the proportions of the face. No points-drops and points with a massive top.

6. Face diamond shaped


Any form, however, should avoid the extremes (points round, too curved and angular). Shaded from top lenses is the best option.

7. Triangular face

Pora was.kom.ua_8.04.2014_M8b8wFVHR6Ohu

Massive top of the glasses and lenses-droplets — that’s what people want with this type of person. In this way a balance is achieved. Square, angular frames and tinted lenses top are also suitable.

8. Custom face shape


If the shape of your face is very unusual and do not understand what can choose sunglasses of any shape, not worse.

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