How to choose shoes for fall and winter

manygoodtips.com_22.10.2014_E2wEfcRgbIe87Particularly observant readers noticed that at the end of October. «Indian summer is gone, winter is coming, and that means it’s time to think about what kind of shoes are best to wear during this difficult transition period. To the question of choice should be treated very seriously, because we do not tell you, are unpredictable and violent weather conditions. In whatever region of our vast country you may be, look for a suitable pair wisely. And we will try to help.

1. Running shoes/sneakers

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Let’s start with the pleasant. If you are one of those lucky people who live in warm areas or from amongst the adventurers can walk in sports shoes all year round, you here. Just do not forget that sneakers, for all its convenience and ease of maintenance, can fail in bad weather. Of course, we should not regret the money for it – a decent pair you have 3000-5000 rubles, and it will last more than one season. As an option for the beginning of cold weather sneakers with fur lining.

2. Military/work boots


The style of «military» has a special place in this list. Lovers of simplicity, affordability and practicality will not lie – these shoes can withstand just about anything. For some, autumn is the time of the call, but we sincerely hope that this year to wear military boots belongs to you exclusively in the civilian sector. The flagship in this segment, and shoes of brand «Dr. Martens» combining the best qualities of working Shoe.

3. Oxfords


Classic winter men’s shoes. If for some reason you don’t have a pair of oxfords in your wardrobe, rather correct this error. Wear these lace-up boots are recommended only with classic shirts, trousers and jackets, nothing else. They first appeared in Scotland in the eighteenth century, but the real recognition of late among students of Oxford (hence the final title). The «business» shoes will help you look great at work, the date or secular reception.

3. Brogues


Guess what kind of shoes began to make for the needs of the Scottish pastoralists, constantly walking on wet grass? All right, druggy and stylish gem with a perforation, a variety of oxfords. The holes provide ventilation, so you can quickly get rid of the moisture. When you consider that in some parts of our country it rains not constant, druggi will be practical and reasonable purchase in the autumn.

4. Chelsea


In simple Russian language, Chelsea – leather boots without lacing with a distinctive rubberized inserts on the sides. Elasticity, wearing comfort and practicality of donning one movement – the main advantages of this Shoe. In the 60s Chelsea became wildly popular thanks to the Beatles: the fab four loved these comfortable shoes. Another plus: combine them with anything from formal costume to casual t-shirts and jeans. For example, the type of shoes Chelsea walks Hank Moody is the main character of the series Californication.

5. Desert boots/chukka


Shoes for fans of autumn romance. Stroll through the just fallen leaves or the first snow, pondering the questions of the universe, – at the time. Probably the best ratio price-quality-accessibility-comfort-style. If all 5 factors are important to you in equal measure, the choice is obvious. The name itself suggests that desert boots are able to endure various weather conditions, but require constant care.

6. Timberland


Kind desertov worthy of a separate paragraph. I will say that it’s too «pop»? Yeah, you’re damn right, dude. But Timberland is a classic. I believe that it was improper to overpay for the brand? Here let me disagree, because buying these shoes, you’re guaranteed to save yourself from cold, rain and autumn depression. From a Shoe less aesthetic pleasure, and it is unlikely you will be able to stand out from the crowd, but the boots from Timberland are almost invariably associated with masculinity and brutality.

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