How to choose headphones for the budget gamer


When dealing with modern computer games, you know perfectly well that a considerable part of the body receives pleasure from the sound vibrations that are sent sound designers straight to your brain. Composers do not knowingly eat their own bread, so the atmosphere of some game things depends on the music and sounds more than the images and «graphics». This is especially true for quests, survival aggag IB and cooperative games. Speaking about the latter, then there is the sound attitude is even more strict, because in the headphones for the team games must be of high quality microphone that absorbs all extraneous noise from your apartment (screaming girls, for example, if you have not found a job) and clearly transmits your voice.

But you show up to the store, and all the cool and advanced headphones that fit you parameters go far beyond the top ten wooden. Famous company, bite your wallet and spend for pleasure so much money, especially now that no one wants. So wants to help you save money, but not at the expense of quality. We found the perfect manufacturer, which pleases its customers with sound «level», and his name is Koss. They are Americans, and we like it.

Let us look at the top-end and budget models, which are a pleasure to wear on the head.

1. SB40


You should first pay attention to this black beast, which is made by all the canons of the American manufacturer. Besides SB40 cheaper than other models from the list. Well suited to to from games the level of sound they deserve.

SB40 is a headset with a monitor headphones closed type. Dynamic microphone that some players upset, but we should clarify that Koss uses in his engineering the original noise reduction technology. So the original sound is cleaner than unique in the market, and all the trouble with the dynamic type of microphone are minimized. The playback frequency 20-20, 000 Hz corresponds to that, of course, pleased – quite a wide range that allows you to hear fairly deep bass. But the range of the microphone corresponds to the value of 100-16000 Hz. But you yourself realize that the more the microphone and demand a sin if you’re not a rock star who writes a new platinum album, and to communicate in the network, the value of this is more than enough.

Speaking about the design, flimsy it will not call done on the conscience, will last a long time. Of course, if you do not like to throw headphones into the wall, when victory slipped from under your nose. The bitterness of defeat, we know, but better to take care of a good headset. If you are lazy and like to play with the sofa, which is from a monitor at a distance of 2.4 meters, the cable will help you with this task, because it is a he length. The cable is tightly wrapped and not break, and that you want her not to help, of course. In General, strongly recommend and crack up because the option to have a good time really great.

2. SB45


More modern and convenient option with a very sensitive microphone, which will be pleasant to tear down the tower of cooperatives, when the sound of the falling bullets and the screams of the zombies drown out the desperate cries of team-mates. At this time, the condenser microphone, and they are always nicer dynamic, if we talk about the quality of the transmitted sound. Yes, we are those people who are drowned only for condenser microphones, even they have their limits. The original sound is based on proprietary technology noise cancelling Clear Voice Technology, which helps eliminate any background noise. But the sound is not devoid of grace: it contains the dynamic element of an anisotropic ferrite. What does it mean? Simply put, the technology provides high sensitivity with minimal distortion at any volume levels. That is, if you remember after the sharp rise in the volume of your previous unit started to hiss in absolute silence, with the SB45 ‘s never gonna happen.

In General, we have a wonderful option that has the necessary durability (they are made of wear-resistant plastic), high sensitivity (electricty microphone) good sound insulation – everything you need for a gaming marathon with friends.

3. SB49


SB49 even more expensive than the previous two, but different quality, without which we can’t leave our readers – namely, fatty and meaty bass. They have a divine sensitivity, due to the anisotropic ferrite magnets that allows you to hear a mouse squeak among working woodworking machines. They will also give you complete freedom from extraneous noise, which previously we’ve used, because anything else we do. Wide range of sound (18-20000 Hz) and sensitivity (103 dB/mW) will help to penetrate any high quality game in recent years: it is full immersion, which is never enough.

Overall, SB49 created specifically for gamers that are focused not only fun, but also on the result. Still more realistic the game becomes, the more attention should be paid to the surrounding game world where every sound carries a certain risk. In competitive matches of owning this headset is a must. And it is not necessary to pay for the pleasure of tens of thousands from Koss SB49, despite the affordable price, it is possible to call with headset close to the title of a professional. In the country, the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix, people understand the sound.

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