How to choose headphones for running


There are two types of runners. First love the comfort and tranquil setting, and choose an exercise track at home or at the fitness club. The second soul more stringent conditions: the wind, the rough road under their feet, and constant maneuvers among other citizens. But most of those, and others can’t do without one important detail. She sets the rhythm, and the motivation to reach the finish line, and you never get bored and dive into your own deep thoughts about the futility of existence. Moreover, street runners headphones even help — there is no risk of chill ear membrane into the winter season, and now seems to be just like that.

Of course, a different story — songs that are perfectly matched to your running rhythm, but not about them now, because the first thing you need to choose headphones. If the quality is not so hot, Jogging will turn into torture. Able running, we are most receptive to sounds, so must be the best combination of indicators such as Hertz, decibels, megawatts and other important characteristics. More importantly, all is not accidentally dropped out of your ears — after all, we’re here to talk about running.

Specialized headphones are various accessories in order to keep us in our forever custom sonar: the hooks that attach to the top of the ear, to bandage, «which broadcasts music through the skull. What is easier is hard to say because we are all individual, and ears even better. However, the first mentioned method is good because there are a lot of options that will suit everyone.

The locomotive in the field of sport headphones thanks to the mentioned advantages have become well-known worldwide brand, not by hearsay familiar to many lovers of good sound — Audio-Technica.Knowing which criteria are most important to a good music accessory they offered a range that takes into account every features of the human organ of hearing. In fact, but otherwise, if they have more than half a century in the market: the company was founded by Hideo Matsushita in 1962 and since then has tirelessly paved the way for the world the perfect sound by creating headphones, microphones, vinyl players, and other electronic devices for home and professional use.


The main feature of the production of JSC has become a balance between sound quality and ease of use. For example, the line COR150that has several options — black, white, blue — very convenient addition. In addition, the earphones themselves are well kept in the ears, they have removable ear clips that allow you to run a marathon, never adjusting. And the cable is on a special coil gives you the opportunity to organize under a t-shirt can be a nightmare for I. T. — the treasure of twisted wires. Sound quality also make it clear that the company has learned a lot in half a century. An advanced range of frequencies (20 to 25 000 Hz) backed by a pleasant sensitivity 103 dB, impedance of 16 Ohms and maximum input power up to 2 000 mW. The diameter of the membrane is 8.5 mm, which gives a feel for the indicators mentioned in the full force and weight of 4 grams will allow you not to cave in under the weight of gravity.

Approximately the same benefits and has a specialized line of SPORT: «1iS» red frequency range and sensitivity a little lower, but there are advanced protection against moisture, so that no rain or snow will not be a hindrance to training. There is also a large choice: red, black and blue. In black/blue model «2» is quite noticeable resistance, which positively affects the sound quality. In addition, instead of behind-the-ear clamps here is a special silicone case, which holds perfectly, no matter how unique the auricle was not.

manygoodtips.com_8.11.2016_OXmCuHx0LdzuhJust so you know, Audio-Technica, has offices in Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong, supplying equipment for events such as the football world Cup, the super bowl of American football and the Olympic games in Atlanta 1996, in Sydney 2000 of the winter games in salt lake city 2002 and Athens 2004. So the «leave doubt ye who enter here»: these headphones were created for athletes of the highest level and wear them on your runs — almost an honor for every fan.

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