How to choose gyrometer, or the best modern means of transportation

The number of people who ride gyrometer, is growing exponentially. Rental different Segways are popping up like mushrooms after rain, and all that is left to the simple inhabitant to learn to distinguish between the concept of the hoverboard, Segway and gyrometer, and join the new transport. 10 years ago it would have seemed just magical, and now it is quite ordinary dissecting progressive part of the planet.

ZERO IPS and IPS i240


In the age of graceful manners, high cylinders, a beautiful mustache, straight razors, steam engines, educated courtesans and debt prisons, that is 130-150 years ago, a real gentleman spent his leisure time riding on huge, more of a carriage wheel, a unicycle. Use it as a means of transportation, primarily the perversion of his buttocks and a sense of balance. Later, however, there have been attempts to make «adequate» electronical and its engine version but even they are far left. So mankind has decided to develop foot unicycle who are trying to be like his successful younger brother, but all monocycline perversion (or not say), like mountain unicycles, unicycles for trial and freestyle, look some incredible absurd. But trust me, this is true.

Well, in the age of modern technology there was such a vehicle as a wheelbarrow. In 2016 there are hundreds of different models monowheels, but perhaps the only blisks, are able to develop a popular myth that this vehicle is for English gentlemen and the circus is ZERO IPS and IPS i240. These modern blisks are able with the wind to move you in a dense urban environment at a distance of up to 30 kilometers. There are no seats, but it is not necessary to walk on them comfortably. Because the gyro does all the work for you. For rough design hides great features such as security, and in technical terms: motor with a peak output of 2500 watts allows you to accelerate to 30 km/h, and in combination with light weight up to 11 kg, these models monowheels left far behind its competitors.



On gyrometer, by and large, you can move anywhere regardless of road surface, even on the lunar craters and vast mountains. Don’t believe? Then pay attention to the Offroad model from the glorious company of SmartBalance. He literally created in order to move on to February the road, be it a dirt path or road in the center of Samara. The apparatus, in addition to stylish military overtones, chamber outfitted with off-road tires 10-inch size, 7-inch clearance and a powerful motor 2 by 450, is able to rush its owner without charge at a distance up to 30 km away. the Main thing is to keep yourself in shape and do not increase in size more than 130 kg, otherwise the machine simply will not stand.

By the way, the website listed under the link, created a special page for readers of our journal, so all models of gyrometers discount in the amount of 2000 rubles.



Minisha UPCAR Q10, by and large, mini only in terms of weight. Indeed, it is easier for their counterparts, so carry it with you in the subway much easier. But in other respects it is not inferior to competitors: 150 kg weight, speed of 18 km/h 23 km without recharging is pretty good performance. Especially very very mini it does not seem, largely thanks to the large wheels. And the bright design allows you to look at gyrometer as profitable as on a white horse. Only the horse can kick and not to listen, while the Q10 is quite unpretentious UPCAR, up, play music via Bluetooth and go anywhere. And given the money he asked for, a question arises – why haven’t you bought it?

Smart Wheel SUV – Carbon


Another SUV in the world minisheet. Still, with our roads, it is possible to move only the SUV seems Smart Wheel SUV – Carbon. With that clearance and 10 inch wheels are not terrible neither a rain, nor snow, nor Yama, nor the change of asphalt. Primer, tile and dirt it is much. Maybe he is not very fast, but gyrometer is not a means of high-speed movement. For the city 15 km/h is more than enough.

Models are not afraid of no dirt, no dust, no puddles. This is not the model, whose gut is out of order, once a stone gets underneath the case. Just during development, engineers have protected the inside of gyrometer better than the army – the Russian border.



It looks more extreme and complex, because on one wheel, by definition, more difficult than on two. But rather be both feet on the Hoverboardto understand and appreciate the convenience of this engineering marvel. Hoverboard is equally suitable for movement, that is, on their business and for entertainment. With such a fiery handsome has the opportunity to stand out to other owners of similar devices.

The diversity of gyrometers in Giropro can create the impression that you are not in 2016, but at least up to 2030. There’s a simple gyrometer, and mentioned the hoverboard, and if the balance of the trouble fully, you should buy the Xiaomi Ninebot mini, at least he got a pen.

Why you need to buy Giropro? Imagine that you offer for the same money to study, say, art of Boxing in a person watched a Boxing on TV in life on the pear was not beaten, or experienced boxer, know as the bitterness of defeat and the joy of all the championship belts. Who will you choose? So here, the guys Giropro visited Shenzhen and Hong Kong in almost all the factories minisheet, identifying the best and picking, and then began direct deliveries to Russia. Wipe that puss off your face, the reality is that almost all such vehicles are manufactured in China, and buying them in the store, you get an absolute guarantee that your vehicle will last longer than 12 months.

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