How to choose glasses to see well and look good

If in school all laughed at his big glasses, and teased you with glasses, but today there are even those who have everything in order with vision. Sunglasses have become an accessory that complements your image, gives solidity and even sexuality. If you have good eyesight — we are happy for you, eat carrots and do exercises for the eyes, so as long as you can keep it. If you squint when you read the composition of the sausage, it’s time to think about the glasses.

Wayfarer (Wayfarers)

manygoodtips.com_7.09.2016_BTjHIJ8H7qfqGThe Wayfarer became the next revolutionary step in the history of the company Ray-Ban. The main feature of these glasses was in a plastic trapezoidal frame, which was innovative for the reason that first of all points were done only on the metal frame. She points plastic age began a little later: first, after the release of the film «Breakfast at Tiffany’s» with Audrey Hepburn, and then with the release of the film «the Blues Brothers». Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol and John Lennon continued this epic. In 1980-and almost every American paintings of the eyes of a hero staring at you from behind those spectacles. It is understandable — the company Ray-Ban has invested in the promotion, and the Hollywood promoted. So that the first Wayfarer was worn by stars, movie stars and some of the greatest musicians and after the sales has reached such heights that the Wayfarer began to move.

In the model the rich history of bursts of popularity. But today is one of those times when wearing the Wayfarer it is possible without fears to be vulgar. If we talk about face shape, model of these points is most friendly to human ugliness and diversity. The Wayfarer sit perfectly on the faces oval, round, triangular, and diamond shape — they are universal. For that we appreciate them.

The Panto (Panto)

manygoodtips.com_7.09.2016_d6GKwN3nUoe13This style of glasses originated in the 30-ies of XX century. They immediately liked the guys from the Bohemians and the ladies of rebellious strata of American society, as well as intellectuals. The unusual shape was due to a purely practical approach — the glasses provide a full review, and my eyebrows do not stain the lenses. Glasses of panto were forgotten during the Second world war, as shooting with no large skylights were difficult. But peacetime and the sexual revolution of the 60s returned the points, the former iconic status. Beatniks, flower children, the revolutionaries all wore panto. Today you can see these glasses on the faces of woody Allen and johnny Depp’s personality is no less extraordinary than the stoned hippies of the late 60’s.

You should not use this form points if you have a round face, otherwise you will be like a pancake with two pancakes on the eyes — it looks funny, but not cool. These glasses are perfect for individuals with pronounced cheekbones — this usually means square or diamond face shape.

Aviator (Aviator) does not know about «the aviators»? After all, this is a legendary accessory, and not just points. Their teardrop like goggles military pilots that far from the truth — «aviators» indeed for some time was available only to pilots and no one else. One of the first popularizers of new forms of glasses that were developed by Ray-Ban, is General Douglas MacArthur. Its landing on the Philippines during the Second world war has not gone unnoticed. Local Newspapers published brutal pictures of MacArthur with the strange points that are well protected from the sun. Subsequently, the «pilots» have become so classic that they were not only military, but also simple, working and dictatorial people.

To wear glasses Aviator made people with square face shape, but this does not mean that your elongated and round face closes you access to the legendary «aviators». Simply choose them to be on the mind, and not out of stupidity. For example, should not be taken too wide or narrow Aviator. They must be normal from the point of view of the size of your face width.

Clubmaster (Clubmaster)

manygoodtips.com_7.09.2016_O9fXx3COBqbnWAnd again talk about the model that invented the ubiquitous Ray-Ban. This time it will be about 50 years, about the postwar period, full of hope, inspiration and begins public revolt. Life in the States seems perfect for the TV show family movies, and glasses «eyebrows» (the upper part of Clubmasters consists of two curved lines), bought every cocky guy and an ambitious Bank clerk. Clubmaster is a symbol of the era, which managed to enter into timelessness. Now these points underline individuality, give the image a bit of madness, but talking about the conservatism is. The combination of lethal, so we appreciate this frame. And we appreciate her appearance in one of our favorite movies of the 90s — «that’s enough!». Remember that wild office hamster? Say, these glasses will make you a different person!

This form allocates points for the eyes, so if a friend appreciates you for beautiful eyes, then you can safely take clubmaster. Even better, if your face is round or oval. If we talk about clothes, you and he, I think, saw that such glasses are perfect for any style, except sports.

Sport (Sport) points does not mean that it is designed to be worn complete with sweat pants. A form of «sport» only says that it has maximum functionality, namely: excellent protection from street dust, wind, and Intrusive sunlight, good fixation and ease. These glasses are perfect for active people who often have to sharply break away and run headlong through the crowds. In such cases, glasses should sit tight.

Besides, it’s not sunglasses and optical. They look noble, even with a classic suit. Do not be ashamed to go to them as a business meeting or on a date or party with friends.

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