How to choose a tattoo parlor

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2014_FmUTK6c3WbAz1To do tattoos at home, in primitive conditions — the last thing. All professionals and «complete» drawings on the body of the people in one voice say that for body painting you must go to a tattoo parlor. And it’s not so bad. The other part — how to choose the right salon in which you will not spoil, but rather decorate.

1. Check out the tattoo

In our days not to have website at least standartnye WordPress – this is a severe blow to the reputation. Every self-respecting tattoo shops there are in addition to and instagram, and accounts in other social networks. The only calling card of the master and salon — last done their work, the rest does not count. At the same time read and discuss in groups: customers don’t lie.

2. Go for exploration

Tattoo parlor — the same part of the sphere of services, cafes, hairdressers and shops. This means that you are interested in the institution should resemble as hair salons or even nail salons. If someone of the artists trying to be cool and treats you down, immediately turn around and leave. The staff should treat you with attention and respect, and if you want to imagine an infinity sign, encircled in a heart, you deserve no less attention than the dude who beat the sleeves in the style of «biomechanics». Other nuances? Cleanliness, good lighting, and good faith the salon must be open during the hours specified on the sign, otherwise it’s cowboy office.

3. Take a look

A tattoo parlor should look cool and effortless, but the ease disappears when it comes to hygiene. In this respect, the Studio needs to look more like a hospital. Local air have to give the hospital smell. Pay attention to the details: empty trash, clean walls and scrubbed with antiseptic floors. The purity here is to be taken seriously, because it is the key to health.

4. Check out the portfolio

Our photoshopguy era to see the real tattoo is not less important than to browse instagram and read the website. You may not have a clue about what is a bad tattoo, but after seeing it, you will know that it is bad. Many even go to the salon, from which far off smells of bleach, because I see that the tattoo looks like something is wrong. If you see that the lines from the master curve, and the paint falls unevenly, boldly step over the threshold and not be shy. Tattoo is forever!

5. What is their range?

Tattooists usually have a common weakness to do drawings like them personally. Well, if your tastes coincide and you dream about old-school figure with thick lines — but not all want the same thing! Look for generalists who can show the class and blackwork, and in traditional Asian style, and, if necessary, to fill cute elegant flower. One can only sympathize with the unfortunate craftsmen who have to earn a living, making endless tribly: what to do, the customer is always right. He who pays the Piper calls the tune.

6. See how the procedure, if possible

When you sit beside a master and watching him work, it helps you to have a full and objective opinion about its capabilities. Thus you will see that he is able to draw what you need. During operation, a good master stops and asks your opinion: is add shadows or something like that. If it will seem like a magician with extraordinary skill or, in mundane language, an exceptional professional, then you’ve found what you were looking for. Sign up for a session and put away all doubt!

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