How to choose a strap

Admit it, dear reader, that there is nothing more offensive than at the crucial moment to be without pants. Without pants you’re, bare your soul, there is a world of secret cards. And that this will never happen, we need the belt. Neither opalocka, nor tapes, velvet, Yeletsky masters braided, for 3 rubles purchased at the fair, namely the belt. Men wear belts, despite the fact that most of them do not know and do not know how to wear them.

By the way, before diving into the timing belt educational program, I want to remind the same truth, or rather you yourself talk it. Come out loud and repeatedly: «I will never wear suspenders with a belt.» Well. It’s not nice and wrong. You need to choose one or the other, here the functionality prevails over style. That supports the pants belt or suspenders in this context is not clear.

To begin to understand the types of belts. Not so much, but know they must.

Classic belts

Sometimes they are called or pant suit. Why hope need not be explained. Solid opaska usually made of leather. Option leatherette is fine, but rag classic strap can not be. Also it can’t be 3 or wider than 4 cm on top the buckle, steel or gold colors. If you work in the office, it is appropriate to wear steel. By the way, we will pay particular attention to the buckle. The classic is always standard small belt buckle. All solid metal plates and other «flies» leave the informal style. The classic belt may be metal plates in the skull with rhinestones. Anyway, the guy should not be such an outlandish accessory.

Belt loops (speaking of loops is not a cinder of bacon and another nickname prostitutes, and loops on the belt near the metal plates which slides the strap) should be two. But that’s not the main difference between high quality leather belt. The main difference is the edges, as if they are slightly rounded. Articles of leather folded inside and stitched on the edge. No one insists on expensive leather, of course, that all depends on the financial possibilities, but the real belt can last as much as 3-4 years and look relatively fresh. By the way, to make it look fresh, when buying, pay attention to how it runs. If it is like rubber, you probably picked up the expander. If it does not stretch, you wear it will be very uncomfortable. When wearing the belts are deformed, adjust the waist, but if it is the same plastic as a concrete pole, this would be difficult.

Classic belts come in black and all shades of brown. But before you choose the belt, remember: it needs to be darker than the suit and matching color with the shoes. Everything else – the details.

Casual belts

The English would have learned only that there is the word casual. Which is delicious, rich and interesting for the Russian ear the word. It means «comfortable and stylish, independent.» In fact, everything that does not fit in the framework of the classical belt, crazy leatherette streamed to the casual. But why leatherette, there are excellent expensive leather products, returning on a wave of popularity, as in the ‘ 70s braided belts and belts made of fabric, comfortable and elastic. This being said, it all depends on taste and your preference. Its width is not defined, and may reach 5 cm, and maybe more. By the way, about the width: it is believed that a younger person it is better to wear a narrow belt, but respectable uncle, whose tresses touched the sad silver gray hair should be broad.

As for the buckle, it all depends on the imagination of the author. The buyer can only choose. There are no rules, harsh bullish sheet are welcome. In General, the metal plates on the casual-belts by the standards of more to the same belt have the same in harmony with jeans and khaki. Hipsters note: the width of the universal strap is 3.5 cm, which is wider, you need to watch.

In such belts there is another feature: they basically perform a decorative function, and therefore to be «mommy’s cutie», choose pants that will be ideal to sit.

Sports strap

It happens sometimes. It is made usually of rubber, rubber or fabric. Worn exclusively with a sports suit or jeans. And he has a very sad partisan destiny, this belt should be hidden under a shirt, jacket and not appear under any circumstances. Actually, more to add, nothing except what to wear it with something else, in addition to the above clothing, at least krasnovato.

How to choose

Now to the nuances of difficult choices. Before coming to the store, pay attention to the following nuances:

Strap length

If you have to work the loose end of the strap more than one loop on the trousers, he is definitely very long. You also need to consider the length of the tail is left locked for classic is about the size of thumb, for casual.

However, any excess length is not fatal, it is always possible to correct with the awl and knife. Some prefer to run the belt at home: punching a hole in it with an awl and feel handy, still, at home, and even without the right tools to do it cleanly you are unlikely to succeed. Better to carry the belt in a Shoe shop, where he will be able to reduce. By the way, the right master will be able to do it from the yarn, asclepas him, and cut off the excess without messing up the beautiful factory end of the strap. And not have to make a new, curved, and oblique holes.

In General, pick up a belt by size is easy: in our stores just translate to centimeters by multiplying by 2.54. Thus, the size 38 is approximately 95 cm Fans to buy on the Internet you should pay attention to the measure. If in inches (which is often the case), then just add a couple of points. For example, up to 32 size waist 34-36 it is better to take.


With a quality belt is made of top layer of the skin of the animal is «full grain» or «top grain». There is a variant easier – brushed leather «split grain», «corrected grain», but it is less quality. If the belt is as smooth as the thigh of a young Cuban mulatto, is an instance of polished leather. But the upper layers are not without rough edges. After all, unhappy creature in the course of life parasites bite, it is always about something beats, scratched, there are ugly scars that have to handle the unfortunate Tanner. The work is laborious and time-consuming, and therefore the price of such straps biting. But the quality is that the grandchildren will be wearing.


A couple of nuances. In any case, not prodeva strap under the label of the jeans is bad form. Even more stupid in 20 years wearing a badge with the inscription D&G, with pictures, cowboy hats and other delights inherent is that students and rock stars. Closed, open, with pendants and-anchor – design is not important, appearance is important. Minimalism is a philosophy. Especially because not even the fancy buckle may look interesting and unusual. Personally, we really like the works of the design Studio «OBA2». High quality and very cute.

Silvery metals are more suitable to blue, gray and black fabrics and «warm» metals – brown, green, red and other «warm» colors of clothing. But this is not a mandatory rule. In addition, some are trying to pick up belt buckle bracelet watches, but this is not necessary, although, of course, is not prohibited.


As already mentioned, first and foremost, the belt should match with shoes and then with other accessories: bag, clock and other resources. And don’t forget about the rule, according to which the belt should be darker than the pants. The white belt can be worn only over a crystal white like the smile of an angel, drawers.

Leather men belts appropriate in any kit. If you wear pants like chinos or cargo is fine belt made of fabric.

Belts of unusual shapes with all kinds of accents will fit perfectly in a denim style.

Exotic leather, ostrich, snakes and other creeping creatures dumb, should be used with caution. They attract too much attention, and to wear them can or the Texas oilmen, or Jim Morrison. The same applies to bright colors: use only with adequate confidence.

Braided belt, suitable for different situations. But with a formal suit, he will look quite specific. In other words, he would like to blame the stain on a white tablecloth, to attract too much attention.

Suede is also a fairly common basis. It is best to pair it with suede shoes.

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