How to choose a hat for the winter

Because life can make you change a lot, but to wear a hat it is, alas, make not can. Except that the frost of minus 40.

Stereotype that hat is not cool and embarrassing, continues to prevail over some men’s hearts. But, most likely, the problem is that you’re wrong to choose it. Not all hats shrink the head and make her itch, and not every hat. And if you thought that stylish can be the only wide-brimmed hats, hats and outfits, Pharrell Williams and caps, you are deeply mistaken. Winter headgear does not always make you look like an idiot: if you choose the right, it will make you stylish.

Ancient Russians wore on their heads caps, and the higher they are, the richer and higher status of the wearer. Nowadays, if you pulled on the head cap, you will not understand and may not approve. So you have to choose from the following.

Fur hats

First, we recall the hat. Hat, time-tested, and a sports jacket, and sheepskin, and the classic coat, and, of course, to elegant quilted jacket.

Just don’t get too sad hat as the huntsman Kuzmich from «Peculiarities of national hunting», and overly fluffy, like a lone hero, polar Explorer. The header needs to be normal and color be combined with other accessories and not make you look like a Gulag prisoner.

Knitted hats

Once knitted hats were an attribute of sport and the legendary «Petushki» («cap-end of the line», and not what you think), that meet at the local alcoholics and pensioners, proudly worn by skiers and other winter athletes.

Now various knitted hats likes to wear anyone hat seems too large or outdated. Fortunately, they are different: vivid, monochrome, wide and small characters, large and small, and suitable for any coat, oversized jackets, coats and other cloaks. Universal thing, do not tell.

By the way, some doubt whether a grown man to wear a hat with bubo. So, if it does not spoil his image. With classic coat, it will make you look like a Polish heroes lelek and Bolek. But with the pair and any other hip young mantle – is another matter. But Molodist. With a gray beard looks doubtful.


Men’s cap firmly gained popularity among a solid and not really representatives of the tribe men. Not everyone will go the insulated cap. Some will look very shabby, others are incredibly solid, and some as the worst copy of Sherlok Holmes. But if it is combined with the identity of the carrier and clothes, no regret for the choice should arise.

The main problem of these caps – insulated lining for the ears. Buy some caps, not looking, and then, in severe frosts, it appears that these «ears» do not cover human ears. Or when a strong wind blows them. Make sure you have the normal cap.

Reindeer-fawn hat

This is your grandfather went to rallies, and dad on the market, to change rubles for dollars in street money changers. Fur slap of a bygone era. In any case, don’t wear it, unless, of course, not dream of becoming an accountant in the housing office. Plus, her ears are cold.


That hat gave you the divine form, look at yourself in the mirror, determine what you have a person, and based on that choose the dress.

Asymmetric headgear, semi-fitted silhouette it is recommended to choose with round face, as well as those who have facial features, to put it mildly, rough.

Light caps and bulk caps, require proper head shape and oval face. Especially recommended for those who have a massive chin.

If too high forehead, deep-set high cap well to hide this shortcoming.

Elongated and triangular face ennoble fur hat.

If you are the owner of broad shoulders, stylists recommend to wear more voluminous hats bright colors and large knitting.

The simpler the coat, the jacket, coat or winter coat to the requirement of more complex headdress. Conversely, jacket and hat can be contrasted, but here we must be careful.


The most common problem with the choice of color. So, it’s simple. The red-haired suit of plum and chocolate shades. Dark brown grey blue and pistachio colors. Blonde fit blue and white or beige, but dark – brodetskoe blue and black outfits.

Importantly, the cap should be warm and a good fit. The first is even more important. If you’re afraid that it’s gonna fall on the fringes and will quickly pollute the hair, get ready: soon you will have meningitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, dandruff, and nerves at the same time chilled. The head should be protected. Without feet one can live, but without the head much more difficult.

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