How to choose a good whiskey

manygoodtips.com_5.05.2014_tiYJVDKZkpgb0About the whiskey can talk long and in detail. So you’re not confused in the alcohol in the supermarket and not crazy from a variety of varieties, we will give some tips for choosing this great drink.

So, whiskey is malt, grain and blended. There is still Bourbon, but more on that later.

Malt whisky or malt whisky is whisky which is produced from pure barley malt, not mixing it with grain whiskey (grain whisky). Malt whiskey has several subtypes.

Single malt, or single malt is a drink made at one distillery that can contain hundreds of spirits obtained at different times and having different exposure (degree of exposure, by the way, the price depends on the drink). Single malt whisky is the coolest. Definitely. If you have the money for it — just take and go.


Further, the degree of the slope should be cask-strength whisky ( blended malt, pure maltor vatted malt) is a blend of malt whiskies from different distilleries. In its production only one was used alcohol. This whiskey can be of different strength and have different taste.

Single cask is a single malt Scotch, bottled from a single barrel. Cask strength – a very rare whisky, distinguished by high strength — 50 to 65%.

Pure malt is a mixture of malt whiskeys from different distilleries, literally the name translates as «pure malt», which means that during its production was used only one alcohol.

In addition to the malt there is also a blended whiskey. It is made by blending grain and malt varieties. It’s not as cool as malt whisky, but not so expensive. That is why 90% of whisky sales worldwide is accounted for by blended varieties.

Grain whisky or grain whisky is whisky from barley. Few people know anything about him. Now you know.

Oh, by the way, there’s still Bourbon. Bourbon is an American whiskey made from crushed grains of maize and rye or oats.


Now that you figured out the mysterious English words emblazoned on the labels of bottles, pay attention to the country of origin of the drink.

Scotch duct tape — probably the most famous whiskey in the world. For Scot, the characteristic taste of peat, over the fire which smoked malt used for making whiskey. Of course, good Scotch smells like smoke, and not every severe bearded man will be able to drink it undiluted.

The most well-known brands: Johnnie Walker, Cardhu, White Horse, Chivas Regal, Glenfiddich.

Irish whiskey was a popular drink until the early twentieth century, but with the introduction of the UK embargo on lost their positions. In the country there are only three manufacturers: Bushmills, Midleton and Cooley. Thanks to triple distillation and the absence of Smoking, the Irishman usually turns out very soft and taste: black currant Bush adds spice to the drink.

If you’re new to drinking whiskey, we recommend you to start with Irish.

Japanese whiskey is made from Scotch, but he doesn’t have a rich smoky taste, as in its European counterpart. Japanese differs consistently high quality that is appreciated worldwide, but on the shelves to find it is not so easy, since Japanese people usually drink themselves. Basic brand: Nikka, Suntory, Yoichi.

Canadian whiskey is mostly made from corn, but can also be found on rye. According to canadian law, the beverage can be added to 9.09% of additional ingredients such as rum, brandy or even vodka, so it tastes a canadian can be anything. Are you willing to risk? Famous brands-Canadian Club and Black Velvet.

American whiskey, as mentioned above, is called Bourbon and is made from corn.

The most well-known brand surely you know — Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam.

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