How to choose a good cigar

how to choose a cigarThere was a time when a man with a cigar was held in high esteem. The guy raised a toast to the farewell boring adolescence, burning a cigarette, slipping away from the watchful eye of his father. Then the guillotine was as necessary as a folding knife.

When Churchill was 21, he rushed to Cuba to have something there to prove to myself and to the world. There he fell in love with cigars. He describes them as part of their Holy rite to smoke cigars and drinking alcohol before, after and if necessary during meals and in the intervals between them. He was famous for his love of cigars.

When you open a rich cigar humidor, you feel a little surprised. What is the difference between all these cigars? If «Romeo and Juliet» from the Dominican Republic, it’s worse than Cuba. What’s the difference?

Don’t be afraid. After you read this text, you will learn how to choose a cigar. And you’ll genuinely wonder how you could afford to buy some sort of cigars in a shop at the gas station.

Anatomy of a cigar


The head of the cigar. This is the edge that you put in your mouth. It is cropped or cut. In this case, preferably the guillotine: it reduces the chances of gut a cigar. However, a sharp knife will come in handy. And for God’s sake, don’t bite!

The foot of the cigar. This is the edge that you set on fire.

Filler. Good quality, well-dried and fermented tobacco.

Epithelial sheet. It’s the outside of a cigar. Color varies from light to dark. What’s the flavor of the cigar depends on this layer.

Choose a cigar

Now that you distinguish the head from the legs, you can choose a cigar. May I ask the advice of any one seized with this issue: there will be well Packed humidor. A full humidor of cigars. A humidor is a box, which helps to maintain the proper level of humidity so that the tobacco is not dry. If it is too humid, the tobacco will rot, and if it is humid enough, the cigars will dry out and lose their flavor and aroma.

If you first smoke a cigar, you should not start with expensive so you won’t be able to know all the delights of expensive guitars. Besides, the price is not the only important factor in choosing a cigar. There are cheap varieties that are recognized as good enough.

Price is not important, but the structure of the cigars and quality tobacco are important. The structure of the cigar determines how soft it will taste and how it will be smoked. You can understand the structure of the cigar, rolling it between thumb and forefinger. It is important that it was not bumpy. You should also check whether it is not too soft and not voids. You want the cigar was smooth and evenly filled. The rough texture and any other flaws will respond to you when you’re to inhale the smoke. In the right the cigar ash holds its shape.

Another important factor is the quality of tobacco. It is impossible to understand what quality tobacco, just by looking at a cigar outside. How do you know that tobacco is good? Usually all in reputation. Ask recommendations from friends if they understand they must tell you the brand of cigars that use quality tobacco. Besides, Google also has not been canceled. Big brands — always a guarantee of quality. Cigar from a reputable manufacturer will contain higher quality tobacco: they can afford to spend on expensive raw materials. Not to be trapped, don’t buy the whole boxes: first try at one, or risk being alone with a suitcase full of shit.

Before I go to cigars, I will tell you one common question.

Cuban cigars really better?

Cuban cigars

Yes, it is true. Cuban cigars are produced under the control of their government and meet the highest standards. They spin the most skilled craftsmen in the world. In Spanish they are called torcedores, they twist the cigars his whole life, and often this ability is passed on from generation to generation. This ability ensures consistent napolnennye cigars. The aroma of Cuban cigars might seem too tart to those who are not familiar with cigars. They are much more full and smoky, in comparison with the Dominican competitors that have a more sharp and spicy aroma.

Personal preference

Like any other benefits, they are very subjective. All of your taste, so try several different types to understand which are you best. It’s like finding your favorite beer. Perhaps you didn’t know it was your favourite, until you have tried other varieties: more hops, less wheat, maybe some orange flavor. When you finally found your favorite beer, you know what it is. With cigars it is exactly the same.

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