How to choose a gift for a friend

how to choose a gift for a friend

When you go to the store to buy something for a friend, it’s like entering a minefield. Many of you guys think that the New year and birthday soon, so nothing to bother. And here is why, because to choose something for her — a handful. That’s what the last time you gave your friend? I have been thinking?

I personally know of many examples (it is not possible to count on fingers, including on your toes) when my gift or gift friends dudes were greeted by women, as follows:

  • forced smile and hidden anger, if you are together less than six months;
  • running in the direction to the place of purchase, where a failed gift was returned to the seller;
  • the worst option from the category «Like we’re familiar with the first day», «You bought that for yourself», etc.

Here’s another example. I have a friend couple. They have a car that only drives the girl because the guy has no rights. This car broke Navigator, and they are constantly nervous that it’s not working. On New year dude decided to give his friend the Navigator and thought he was a big fellow: he bought what was missing and what she had said. In the end, to put it mildly, not pleased by this gift. Ask why?

In theory, the man did the right thing. First, he was attentive to his friend and understood his hint, according to which, and made his choice. Second, he decided to buy something useful and what the girl said. From his point of view, he really hit the jackpot. And here have not guessed. Type, without knowing it is a classic example of what gifts to give in any case impossible.

Rationalize women’s logic. When the man shortly before the New year asked her friend, she needs a Navigator, she naturally said «Yes». But it does not mean that he wants to get it as a gift. Like someone might say, «Please spend all the money you made for my Christmas gift, crap, in which we objectively need and which we and so will soon buy».

What is important in choosing a gift for a friend? I hate to generalize in such cases, but for further illustration necessary. Now, the important thing is to buy her something she wants, something she wants, not what she requires and that she could now buy. It is much more like it if the gift will be it was she, not the improvement of your home. Well, like this: «Honey, happy New year, let me give you this festive iron»? She wants the holiday was a holiday when wishes come true, not when there is an upgrade outdated morally and financially of the Park of appliances.

Absolutely, you have to listen to her hints — I assure you that if you be careful, you certainly will understand. But if in doubt, it is best to pamper her something, buy her something that she can’t afford and has long dreamed. We will give you some fundamental tips.

1. Decoration

If you’re not confident in your taste or your relationship began recently, you can always turn for help to her sister or friend. All girls love cute things, however, we all have different taste, but if you’re near her, you understand, I guess, is where his heart is: in huge earrings, hand-made jewelry, classic gold or silver jewelry. Choose well, and she will wear your gift with pleasure, keeping an extra reason to remember you. And to remember with affection, not crazy, when dumb Navigator again will lead her to the wrong place.

2. Perfume

All girls love the flavors. Two hundred percent. How to choose? First, pay attention to what she already has. Second, you go shopping together? My girlfriend constantly drawn to the perfumery Department, where she always wants to try something and show me. If it is something like, remember the brand. And the last option: buy what you like, and be brave. Not only to explain that «the is keira Knightley looked cool on the bike» is not gonna cut it. To buy her new fragrance — this is interesting: I bet she was tired from what she has now. Perfume is never superfluous.

3. Travel

If you both for a long time was busy and spent time together only sporadically, it is a wise choice. Especially if she has long wanted to go to a specific place and if you saved up enough money. Her joy will not be boundaries.

Of course, originality is always welcome. Your gifts should be as personal and show that you listened to her hints. But just the fact that jewelry and perfume — classic versions, makes less pleasant the moment they are received. It’s «War and peace» among the gifts for girlfriends and, of course, there’s a reason. Whether or not to give when your relationship is just beginning. By the way, a great replacement for flowers. Of course, a bouquet is a tried and traditional way to please the girl, but something more useful is a better choice.

And last: think, but don’t overthink it. You know her better than anyone. It is not necessary to buy something expensive or Grand, that she’ll feel uncomfortable. And don’t be afraid to be very romantic. Follow these rules and you will succeed.

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