How to choose a cheap wine in the supermarket

manygoodtips.com_14.06.2016_6liGPuffBIwpqThe undeniable truth is that one simple thing: the main thing is to always be drunk. Because only in a drunken state perhaps has the most precise definition to political news. But not to poison themselves on this occasion, the muck from dirty hands of the wicked seller. You need to take a delicious drink, from which the soul becomes easy, the head is born the truth, the heart comes out in tachycardia ecstasy, and the liver gently said: «Well, dummy, I forgive you again». And be sure to make the angels fly over head like Erofeev. Not necessarily very expensive, the main, good. Stop at fault, because even Lenin said: «the most Important art for us is cinema wine.»However, many «foodies» and «aesthetes» foaming at the mouth to assure that good wine in supermarkets there. Even in elite alcohol stores, one-two and obchelsya. Good drinks of this type, or abroad, in the countries that learned to make wine earlier than Nations down from the trees and learned to kiss, or a lot of money. Someone advise to make wine himself, but, unfortunately, not everyone has the chance to buy raw materials and storage space for the barrels. And instead of listening to their whining and senseless grown dubious personal experience tips, listen to our verified, hard-boiled bitter experience and common sense opinion.

For Ponte paying liver

Before stretching a trembling hand to the counter that says «Swords», a special offer for only 180 rubles,» remember a simple truth: blame the planet is divided into noble wines like Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Nebbiolo, and grades easier, as an old friend of your drunken friends: Sauvignon Blanc or Merlot, Barbera or Trebbiano. So it is better to take a good Chilean Sauvignon than being a France in fusel performance.

Do not bother

For the sake

Here «ashanovskoy» shelf, next to the heating bladder «Wines of Kuban», was spotted questionable brand. Well what can I say, move on, this is the same Moore as «Chilliwack», which were originally made of scraps of fruit, and now, apparently, out of scraps of waste products. Such wine is like dustbin, a mass grave from different grape varieties, the ash of the highest quality raw materials, which is the task of each «varieties blended» – to cover up the deficiencies of the other. In General, another to put the consumer in a posture of elegant. Buy, children, wine, single variety, blended, is like a brew of cow piles.

The brand is not nonsense

Large producers, who produce wine in large amounts, which would be a nightmare sommelier. But in our case, wine – aged in oak barrels the devil that churns with thoughts, provoking purchase of wine more expensive. In the fragrant ocean of cheap wines you are your own sommelier, and if it is «supermarketnyh wine» is a curse, for you salvation. What are we… Oh yeah, don’t be afraid of brands and a large circulation. After all, «national brand» we need to keep the brand, earn money and solder people. So, they have the capacity to produce wine with a stable level of quality. This does not mean that he should blindly follow, but fear is definitely not necessary.

The power of public opinion


Listen to human thought. Various applications in which it is possible to know the opinion about the product, became a reality. No need to ask the opinion of professionals about the Crimean «Saperavi», as it is not necessary to ask conductors Nadi opinion of Dom Perignon. When it comes to mass products, people do not tell lies! Only pay attention to the quality of reviews: the stupid opinion and more than made of water, the next bottle should be in your basket. In other words – all paid for.

Old isn’t always good

Simple wines are always made ready to eat, calm down. If in 2016 you pop a bottle of 2000 vintage, it is likely that beg you to pay for the dead and even the smell of wine.

Promotional hoax

This may come as a shock, to unsettle, even disturb, but… the Wine is same crap as overdue Kura for the shares. Everything for the action is questionable. Does the product need to get rid of. Why? Here begins the suspicion. Promotional simple logic: you’re not my brother, the purchaser, and so damn sore.

The whole world makes a delicious

Stop paying attention to Burgundy and Italy, stop beating yourself up for lack of funds to real «Chianti». Just accept the fact that in Chile, Argentina, South Africa and even in native Phanagoria know how to do simple, not fancy of course, but also in General, a good wine. Great wines are made in Serbia. You can easily find brilliant affordable bottles from Spain and Hungary.


It is known, the South residence of the grapes the better the wine. So do not shun Portugal and Argentina. In the North doing some kind of baggage. So in England a problem with him. Grape – culture heat — and light-requiring, and its taste is highly dependent on year of harvest, so for this reason Italy was not always pleased with the wine masterpieces. If the season was rainy, the grapes may be sour. In fact, for this reason, and indicates the year of harvest.

Drink and develop

You have some serious workout. Only a true Sensei of cheap wine can blindly distinguish a Merlot from a Cabernet Sauvignon and to be a wine gourmet. For trained receptors to distinguish a bad wine from good is a simple task.

Only red and only dry


The fact that sweet wines are popular only in Russia and CIS countries. The rest of the world is not favor, is that the brothers Bulgarians with his «Kadarmi».

What’s the problem? And that they make use of very low-quality wine materials and waste products of other species. Moreover, it is not the fault, and February a preservative. Not always, but very often. This is because in dry wines, no sugar, so the fermentation is difficult. In sweet varieties, a natural preservative is the sugar.

So it is better to drink a glass of dry red. It is much easier to find a delicious red wine at a reasonable than white, because white wine requires a more delicate approach and therefore is expensive. Want white – fork.

Boxes, tubes…


There is a view that wine in the package — not the wine. A wine with a cork screw – like machine on wooden wheels. Either the plastic or the box, just the normal tube. Here comes the moment when the experience prevails over the idea. There is an excellent wine with plain aluminium caps. Now they are gaining popularity among wine producers, thanks to their low cost, practicality and «immunity» to diseases tube (e.g., fungus). Including caps to close bottles of wine a Australian, Chilean, Argentinian, German, Swiss venkatesha. And even the French are not averse.

The wine package does not guarantee food poisoning. The packages are really often poured inexpensive wine, but this does not mean that it is of poor quality. Normal, tasty wine. These boxed wines can be found in Malta and Spain, and in Australia approximately 40% of the market full of boxes. Often box different from Sardi price, but what a good wine 150 rubles can not be.

Do not neglect domestic manufacturer

No need to say that wine from Moldova, Georgia and Russia sour absolute nonsense. Supposedly everything in the store, grown in factories that fell into disrepair after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Do not equate native wine under one comb, all of us are okay with them, who, if not the birthplace, gives you a nice wine for 250 rubles?

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