How to choose a bike

The season is already in full swing, and you’re still rushing from the city to the hardtail?

It’s time to take up for himself and delayed the purchase of a large money and go — no, not to shop — first at for the valuable advice.

Type of bike


Novice, as a rule, it is difficult to decide with your Biking priorities. It is clear – if the last time you rode a bike with the boys from a neighboring yard when you were 10, it will be difficult to say you prefer a comfortable ride on smooth asphalt or extreme in the mountains.

So often beginners buy Amateur-level hardtail – bike-wagon.

But if you decided to make this topic more serious of his comrades, here’s what you should know.

The coolest you’ll look like a mountain bike.

This handsome man is all that is needed for off-road driving – suspension fork smoothes the bumps, relatively wide wheels with studded tyres increase the area of traction, a lot of gear allows you to accelerate as it should. Mountain bikes are divided into three types: hardtail – bike with a front shock absorber, suspension has front and rear shock, extreme hardtail — designed for performing tricks and not to cover the distance.

Again, the mountain guys look well, very rude.

But what’s the point in appearance if you never in life did not pay with bikeways?

By the way, for lovers of bike lanes, slow riding in parks and gardens, suitable types such as a city, or a comfortable folding bike. Such models typically have high fit, wide comfort saddle and offer increased safety while riding.

The main advantage of a folding bike obviously. When folded, this model easily fits in the trunk of the car and in your travel bag carried over the shoulder.

If you bike you you choose a road bike. On the road model, as a rule, do not put the lights, wings and other accessories, the frame of this bike is lightweight and thin, the handlebar is bent down. In short, all the conditions for the maximum of lightness and agility roadies.

For lovers of long trips out of town for picnics suitable touring bike. Large wheels, durable, can withstand the weight of not only you, but your kebabs frame provides you with maximum comfort while moving for a long distance.

The size of the frame

Once you’ve determined your riding style, you need to choose the right frame size for your height.

Most likely, when buying a bike, the seller itself will help you to choose the right bike, but if the store you’re out of luck, can try to independently calculate the optimum size.

Stand over the frame so that the frame is between the legs, and the saddle rested in the coccyx. The minimum distance between the crotch and the frame must be at least 2.5 cm. If you pick up a bike for extreme skiing, it is better to distance was more for quiet ride enough distance to 1 cm.

Remember that riding a bike with mismatched sizes will be not only convenient, but also dangerous.

Everything else


In addition to choosing a type of bike and frame size, you should pay attention to several points.

First, the materials from which are made various parts of the bike. There are materials light, is strong, durable and lightweight, etc, you understand.

Secondly, the country of origin.

Most American and European manufacturers, including well-known you brand produce a number of models of others (not their own!) factories in Asia.

Therefore, thirdly, price.

A good bike is expensive, but very good – very expensive. Let’s face it.

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