How to chew tobacco: FAQ

how to chew tobacco

In books about the nineteenth century often found the mention of chewing tobacco, which for some reason now forgotten. Today we will tell you that this is the case and what the salt is.

What is it?

Chewing tobacco is made from tobacco leaves. Cut it into long strips, fermented and sometimes podslushivaet. In America it mostly chew «young white men», 13% of which are College students. Who are the others? I think the guys hemingwayesque type with beards and turtlenecks, but who knows.

What’s the catch?

When you chew tobacco, nicotine (which incidentally, is 3-4 times greater than in cigarettes) is absorbed in the mucous membranes of the mouth. Once nicotine is absorbed, the head starts to buzz. You’ll feel as if it is suspended on a string: swinging blissfully here and there, while in fact she rather clings to your neck. And you will feel that you broke his lip and it got swollen.

Someone says that found in chewing tobacco fiberglass — it is all speculation caused by nicotine fogged brain. No it is not fiberglass, and not even the grains of salt necessary for the production of tobacco.

How to chew tobacco


The best way to understand, weak tobacco, is to check its humidity. If you decided to do this for the first time, it is better to choose tobacco long cut: it is easier to handle in your hand and in your mouth.


To tobacco was easier to take at first strongly shake the container so that tobacco was stomping and lay down: so you have more chances to take it and not to miss anything, thereby not revealing to others that you have not experienced in this matter. The easiest way to achieve the desired, striking the Bank on a hard surface. When I get tobacco, take him to the ball and send in a mouth. With extruded tobacco even easier: break off and chew.


For many, this is not an easy task. If you have a lot, you can go to the bathroom and do it there. Wash away all the remnants that had fallen down, and wash your face: you will inevitably get dirty, this process usually does not look very neat. The usual dose for a beginner is a small ball that can fit you on the pads of the index finger. Do not rush to increase the dose.

Sent to mouth

Put the ball between the lower lip and teeth. Make sure that the tobacco does not break: not very nice when in the mouth restless floating particle of tobacco, which can get stuck in your teeth. It’s not so bad: what you don’t want is to swallow it. Try tobacco language and make sure it is in place.


Now the tobacco in your mouth and need to move my lip up and down, to squeeze him for more juice. Not chew it, otherwise you’ll get sick, I’m sure. Nice to have an empty bottle or an ashtray, in the event that spit tobacco there.


If you try it the first time, you may suddenly get a headache, you feel nauseous and may vomit. If you start to sweat, feel dizzy and stuff like that, quietly not thinking that such feelings are hard to overcome.


When you have had enough of tobacco juice, discreetly stuff into the container. I recommended you a bottle — you can spit in it and then close that nothing leaked out to the outside world.


Tobacco should be stored in a cool place — for example, in the refrigerator. So we avoid it drying out because dry tobacco for chewing is not necessary.

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