How to cheat in the repair of phones


Scientists are still fighting over the exact date of the emergence of Homo Sapiens, but it is safe to say there is much of a reasonable man, so many lives and lies. An essential feature of our nature is eternal, ineradicable companion of any society. And if you condemn a white lie is a pretty stupid idea, the lie in the name of profit taken to be condemned, preferably in public.

Unfortunately, with the mess of Bank officials and businessmen to fight hard, but in the service sector we have a lot of opportunities to defend their rights. However, it would be appropriate to remember a saying like the one that advises not to win the fight, and generally avoid it.We mean, if you know what unscrupulous webmasters ready in some services, any further incidents can be avoided. A sample breakdown of your smartphone after a month of repairs.

Our local «special» go whole legend is so frightened people that every trip to the service centre turns into a big stress. Suddenly something will break? Suddenly inflate the price? Suddenly see the infamous video where you’re pretending to be all sweet with the cat and put it in? Risks darkness and I must say, very justified – in the end live in Russia. In order not to fall into the trap of «master lomaster» and to save a favorite (and expensive!) the gadget safe even fix it, it is better to seek our advice, shared with us a specialist from the network services iPhone DoctorMac – Konstantin Rabotkin.

What are you?

First thing, find out to whom you give your techno-baby. The quality of the site already suggests that salon is important to the customers and to mess or fool with the repairs – not the best idea. But you see not only a beautiful design, important information. Contacts, prices, the possibility of leaving the house, the presence of guarantees. The latter generally often love to show off pseudo-masters, beautiful promises are only in fairy tales of Andersen.

«I do not believe loud slogans of «lifetime warranty», «3 year warranty», etc. Even on the new technique does not give as much. Real time warranty for repair (in any other field, including a) from 2 weeks to several months. The rest is marketing, to lure, and when it comes down to it, you will find all the scratches and say that you again missed and blame themselves».

Let me get this straight


We all know about the asterisks next to the labels and the fine print underneath the beautiful cost almost always there is a catch. One of the first unpleasant surprises that may wait for you, will certainly be the advance payment for diagnosis or repair. If you are faced with this, I advise you to immediately turn around and tell friends to not fall for the bait. Some really think it should be, especially if we are talking about the iPhone – there are all so complicated and unclear, the master takes time. No! Normal specialist must immediately call the cause of failure, as well as details that will need to be replaced, and repair time. Free. And in the case of detention immediately notify.

«By the way, there are services, including retreats, deceiving, confusing customers. Instead of having to name a price for the repair in full based on parts and work performed, they called an attractive price «for the service», but in fact these words they assume the price is just for the work. In the end, when your phone is lying disassembled, you ask nicely for more money for the parts».

We have only the best from China…

On the Internet for a long time walking the bike, saying that modern cars are specially produced in advance limited term work. That is, the machine worked three years and it’s time to service center to replace parts. A similar strategy is already used a variety of salons to repair phones. Instead of quality parts in the gadget fall polysplenia, but still overpriced. A few months later the client comes again – last time, because everything worked at first. The villains are focused on profit, not people’s opinions.

«A certain drawback of such services is staff turnover due to high stress loads. Under such conditions correspondingly low quality. Is that offer repair with components of high quality (original or quality copy), and put the cheapest parts. Again, this is caused by the desire to make money here and now to the maximum. Often «inflate» the amount of work. There are typical faults that you can correct yourself, such as cleaning the charging port on the iPhone, but some services use ignorance and offer a replacement actually serviceable connector».

And the ticket can be?


The phone is a technique and give it in to repair without proper documentation will be the only 80-year-old grandmother. If you were given a piece of paper with only one hand-written date of issuance of the gadget, that – they obviously managed to bring you a good website, but at this stage they really sucked. The receipt must contain all necessary information: description of breakage, conditions and timing of repair, additional information, and also contacts the service center, your information, the signature of the person who receives yours. But not to panic because of the information that may become available to the wizard, just call him at home or at work – it’s inexpensive and the entire process (max half hour) you will see with your own eyes.

«This is a big saving of time and nerves. We arrive to the offices during working hours, or in beauty salons, while the client makes the cut, or just meet in a café. In addition, we have own warehouse of spare parts, so we don’t waste time on their search. It also reduces the response time. Just DoctorMac works directly with manufacturers of spare parts for iPhone, which eliminates intermediaries. Because of this, we can do more attractive prices for our customers. And the quality of the parts is often higher than what is imported to Russia suppliers.

All our craftsmen work with the technique of Apple of not less than 1.5 years, and because we love this technique, constantly improving their skills. As a guarantee of 100 days and a number of discounts, which makes us one of the best services in Russia».

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