How to change your spirit martial arts

martial artsOur ancestors, hunters and gatherers, were warriors. Soldiers had to defend themselves to survive. They needed to protect his family and tribe, and skill passed from generation to generation, so the family continued to exist.

In the modern world it is necessary for us much less, but sometimes we still have someone to beat. The problem now is this: many men are not able to exercise their evolutionary adaptation to the fight, they just fight, hoping for the best.

90% of all violent crimes are committed by men. 70% of the victims of these crimes are also men. Men compete with men on all fronts. Addiction, suicide, accidents and premature death — all this is much more common among men.

Men like lost. We have lost our connection with each other and sense of brotherhood. Not so long ago we ran across the Savannah and were just men. Just a bunch of brothers. We hunted together, encouraged each other, inspired each other to new achievements and overcoming fears. So we learned to trust each other. We had the opportunity to Express the positive male energy of valor, of honor and courage. At night we sat by the fire and told each other stories about hunting, played drums and symbolically called for a new day. Then, when came the need to protect the tribe, we had no hesitation up in the name of something that exceeds in magnitude and significance for us.

We lost it. Of course, advertising still encourages us to feel the voice of wild nature, to discover their original essence and shit, but to access that we offer through, for example, deodorants. We’re all very busy, we always get distracted and notice it only when attacking someone we know.

Today for men there are lots of ways to touch his savage nature. And there is something that will help you to return the forgotten the feeling of male energy, this drive hunting and gathering. Martial arts.

Martial arts, if properly to deal with them, are a great way to a positive expression of courage and archetype of the warrior. Most people involved in martial arts, which give us a unique opportunity to experience the tribal brotherhood, may again come together. They metaphorically recreates hunting and the same energy of courage. So, the process was deeply symbolic art called combat, however, they send the destructive masculine energy in a constructive direction, allowing a more rational and creativity to resolve conflicts and in General to perceive the situation and themselves.

Martial arts is a great venue for men, so they can safely vent their anger and recover from difficult situations, they had encountered during the day. The process of martial arts will help you find yourself, you will be reflected in it as in a mirror, will usher in new energy.

The emphasis here is on the game, challenge, communication, and brotherhood, in fact, martial arts are not too different from childhood games you played with the guys in the yard when I was a kid. In a sense, we were much closer to the hunters and gatherers in childhood than it is now.

In particular, research shows that hard-contact game necessary for the development and maintenance of sociality, cooperation, fairness and altruism. Nature and value of these games somehow remains underappreciated, particularly in pre-school education. Often teachers see these games as a threat when children fight, push, struggle and do it all with a smile. Carers it seems a manifestation of anarchy, which urgently need to take control.

We as men always instinctively knew that hard-contact game for boys vital to the development of the male spirit. If you want your son grew up to be a man, teach him wrestling. You have to play in the struggle, without pain. It teaches you to argue, debate, take criticism, experience strong emotions and at the same time, never use physical force to cause pain or to be in charge. There is a reverse trend: those who in childhood received less rigidly-pin games grow more cruel and worse control of their cruelty.

Martial arts is a variant of a hard-contact game which can help men to develop and maintain sociality, cooperation, fairness and altruism. If you child did not play in any of that, martial arts is a great way to catch up. In addition, there are also adult bonus: people doing martial arts, I can tell you that for the sake of transition to a new level, being under pressure of having to contend with a new enemy, you need to be able to focus and calm down. As said master Yoda: «Anger leads you to the dark side of the force».

To achieve a high skill in martial arts, we must accept, accept, and rein in his anger. You’re right in front of you see their fears, frustration, anxiety and in result lose focus. Just like in life, in martial arts you can learn from this experience and will be able to accept it as a natural part of learning and development. More importantly, you can show emotions.

During the battle you can explore your anger, frustration and fear, not shy and not disgraced, and that’s fine. You’ll start to feel how your chest moves confidence. You feel so alive. You live in this very moment.

When you leave the Mat and watch the road, that was due to the martial arts, you know that they have prepared for you all, you became even more of a man than before.

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