How to change your life during lunchtime

manygoodtips.com_5.07.2016_lP3MA6l3fAXJrFor many of us the average day goes like this: in the morning, struggle with sleep, heavy lifting at the sound of the hated alarm clock; the day — job even more difficult, all because of a brilliant town-planning initiatives; then work, more work, lunch and now evening, which we devote to the «important» watch new episodes of «Game of Thrones». The eternal cycle that consists of work, dinner, and stupid comfortable. Going to repeat this until I retire or die at your Desk.Okay, maybe we are somewhat grim. You have some funny stories about the crazy weekend you’re not completely gone, and probably know how to have fun. But how much do you have time for self-improvement? How will if work makes it impossible to carve out some time for something more than a drink, spend time with friends or going to a movie? You have a couple of hours (or hour) lunch break, you can use it to the fullest.

Lunch is really the best time to make significant progress in any area of life, because it involves some flexibility in the daily schedule. In the evening you will be no mood to deal with it, because you have already formed plans that will touch your girlfriend, friends, family or gym. All this helps you to maintain balance, therefore, we do not like to use the evening to improve his personality. However, the lunch break provides a good opportunity to change yourself. Here are just a few ideas on how you can use one hour of his life to benefit himself.

1. Training

You wanted to learn to program or learn, finally, the English language? If you’re going to spend the 45 minutes, 5 days a week, you will achieve your goals. Imagine the progress that’s waiting for you, if you’re going to use every lunch break for this.

In fact, you can get not one, but with colleagues at work. If you form a group, it will be easier. Maybe your office offers sensible programmer who will help you to learn basic programming skills. Or works with you, the bearer of a foreign language, so why not take advantage of his knowledge? Will be to blame, but joint training will help to establish a productive dialogue with colleagues and develop skills that can improve your professional position.

2. Old friends

manygoodtips.com_5.07.2016_7KqICrQxESak3When we are attacked by a wave of depression, the first thing it affects relationships between friends. When you live under constant stress usually think: «I can call them next week» or «I’ll meet her.» Of course, we are closing all of their public gateways and nobody call, nobody answer. Work becomes an outlet that allows us to somehow interact with society.

Now, lunchtime is the perfect time to remember old friends, communicate with parents, respond to all messages, even if you do not want to answer. Communication with people outside the office reminds you that you’re more than just an employee. Not to mention the fact that this communication will make your social relationships more durable. And when it comes to really hard times, the support of the old friends you need.

3. 30-minute workout

No matter what you’re wearing, how you feel and what you ate for lunch. A little lunchtime workout in any case will be good for you. It may be a normal fast walking, running up the stairs of a multistory building, and there may be serious power loads (depends on the availability of a nearby fitness facility). If there is nothing nearby, ask your supervisor — maybe he’ll allow you to use a room or a conference room for training.

There are workouts that include the presence of serious gym equipment. You can simply do, using the means at hand — chairs, tables, etc. 30 minutes a day 150 minutes a week (5×30=150), this rate is a normal value of weekly aerobic activity. If your break allows, you can take more, but we recommend to spend the remaining time on the shower.

4. Creation

manygoodtips.com_5.07.2016_1OwKrYBZDu9XxWhen was the last time you created anything? We are so accustomed to consume that have forgotten how to build. Why cook when you can order food delivery? Why write if you can scroll the news feed on social media? However, the act of creating increases your ability to think outside the box and brings into your life more positive and meanings.

It can be purposeful (doing Canoeing on the blueprint from a textbook), or random (figure on a napkin). Can be ambitious (to write the first few pages of the book about training pit bull Terriers) or small scale (there is already invent itself).

Just don’t push yourself too hard. No one expects you to recreate the Sistine chapel on your desktop. Get creative, whatever it was, is, above all, an exercise that helps you to relax, clear the brain, relax. This is good for the brain, no doubt.

5. Sleep

If you had a very busy week, sleep is the action that you should do on your lunch break.

There are numerous studies on the topic of sleep. Many of the findings of the scientists contradict each other, but there are facts with which everyone agrees. For example, some studies have shown that 45-60 minute NAP improves the performance of the brain in areas responsible for memory and learning ability. Moreover, the ideal time to NAP is between an interval 13.00-15.00 (lunch break). Maybe you seemed absurd to sleep on the job even during the break, but the dream contributes greatly to the work. Much better than that third Cup of coffee that you poured into your body during the second half of the day.

However, there is a problem. Not many people are able to sleep in places that, from the point of view of their brain, not suited for this. And your boss may be against it, and to convince of the correctness of work is not for everyone. But you can always sleep in the car.

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