How to change the world in the next 100 years

The world is changing very fast and people are changing with it. The day is near when human sets foot on Martian soil, and we all will be eating insects, looking at them with artificial eyes. We will take no women, and cyborgs. Besides all forget, why was the steering wheel in the car. We are not crazy, but simply projected trends of the development of the society, who lay the Foundation now. Today science is primarily trying to solve global problems. And if last believe in humanity (let’s be optimistic), then we will have a fun time.

The world in 10 years (2026)

Biometric security system

Email hacking of the US Democratic party (discussing the topic from all sides) showed that the important data is easy to steal, even if you’re the ruling party is the strongest country in the world. The problem of cybersecurity has risen like never before. In this regard, we presented promising developments associated with the replacement of conventional passwords for biometric security system. Such protection is much better than the password «manygoodtips.com123». In this direction will move the banking and military industry, because to break the lock of this level, the «hacker» will have to cut out the eye or cut off the hand of a man who has the necessary access.

3D printing in medicine

Lately we have also seen unprecedented development of 3D printing. Surprisingly, 3D printing is used even in medicine. There is every reason to believe that artificial joints, prosthetic limbs, prosthetic heart valves and in General biological materials will become ubiquitous to print on 3D printers to 2026. This will greatly ease the burden on the medical industry.

The world in 20 years (2036)


The Earth’s population will continue to grow steadily. On the horizon, especially for third world countries, will take shape the specter of hunger. People need a good source of protein to live and work, so they will look for new opportunities for food. And one such opportunity will be the insects.

The consumption of insects has become customary in the far East and in some parts of South America. Imagine a picture of what locust will become a common addition to soup or pasta. We have the idea for business — burgers with locusts. And it is very practical, because insects are 1.4 billion tons of protein, crawls across the planet all year round.

But for the squeamish there is a synthetic meat that can be grown in the laboratory. Today, this technology is quite expensive, but what will happen to her in 20 years?

Unmanned vehicles

Now unmanned car unstable, but they are the future, objectively speaking. Gradually they will replace the entire transport system in major cities. In the long term this will reduce the number of accidents on the roads but also to organize the transport system to avoid traffic jams and shit. On the other hand, I would not want to lose power over the vehicle, therefore, we think that unmanned vehicles will mainly be used for freight and public transport.Bionic eyes

We have a great prosive eyes at the computer during operation. If you work in an office know what was going on. Have to wear glasses, lenses or complete vision of the old. However, if you look at the modern development of the bionic eye, we can say that everything is going in the direction of development. It is possible that in 2036, people will not just restore vision with the help of such sophisticated technologies, but also to improve it.

The world in 30 years (2046)

Nanoparticles to fight cancer

Cancer to no avail I was not the first year is hard, a terrible disease that affects our bodies. Cancer will win, but there is hope. And, as is usually the case, hope lies in science. If you use a more subtle approach in cancer treatment, it is possible to achieve a good result. Nanoparticles are good because they have the potential to restore the necessary authorities in the place where it is needed. The current medicine is not capable of — she doesn’t know the difference between healthy and cancerous tissue. So cross your fingers and hope for the future.

Work for all

They appear now, but we’re not romantics — while this is a very expensive toy with very limited functionality. However, every technology eventually becomes cheaper, and the more it will be spread among the masses, the more it will be available. We give robots 30 years to become cheaper, learned to cook and to have sex with us. All the prerequisites for that, and the industry is interested in constructing such a machine.

World after 40 years (2056)

A permanent presence on Mars

We must accept the reality: even if in ancient times, Elon musk will succeed, then humanity will take a lot of time to get a full-fledged colony on Mars. But it will, of course, if not start another world war. The first settlers on Mars will be researchers, scientists and, perhaps, the rich tourists who will sponsor the enterprise. We see that the space industry goes into the private sector, so there is every chance that someday the people of Earth will watch a reality show with people from Mars.

Design children

We are talking primarily about DNA. Today with it can do some manipulation. In addition, not so long ago was the human genome, so people have a better understanding of themselves. It’s hard to imagine, but perhaps all this technology moves into the commercial mainstream. Young parents will be requested to make «changes» in the appearance of the child, the propensity for genetic disorders, birth defects, inclinations. If the science will develop faster than normal, in addition to changing hair colors you can configure the metrics of the brain that are responsible for intelligence.

The world in 50 years (2066)


Half a century is sufficient to firmly tie together biology and technology. The implanted nanoparticles may help to treat minor ailments before symptoms appear. Spinal implants will help people re-learn to walk — will disappear paralyzed people. Some implants will monitor your General condition — diabetes will cease to be a problem in this case.

Who will produce the 130th birthday

Given the advances in medicine, people will live hundreds of years. Today, the oldest person is 122 years — beyond this border no one gets a failing body. In the future old age will shift even more. In 80 years you’ll feel fit and healthy man, but the old wreck will be only in the moment when you go well over a hundred.

The world in 60 years (2076)


Given the diversity of the biotechnology updates in 2070, the year will see the first man, who is more machine than man. It will have artificial organs, bionic eyes and ears, all sorts of cybernetic implants, improved intelligence and physical abilities. But we’ll grieve is a person would be visually similar to the regular human, not the terminator.

The world in 70 years (2086)

Ion engines

Ion drives are already in 2016, but at present they cannot be used to replace traditional engines, but they have much better fuel efficiency. Ion engines work better in the vacuum of space, making them perfect for long flights to the stars, where fuel efficiency is a key factor of a successful journey. Once this technology becomes sufficiently developed, we will make a new technological leap.

The creation of new colonies in the Solar System

Efficient ion engines will trigger a new «space boom». The state will invest in the colonization of satellites, planets and other celestial bodies. a major role will play the usual formation of the climate on other planets — the success of this sector will be based on the achievements of biological technologies. Colonies are small and consist primarily of scientists and researchers.

The world in 80 years (2096)

Colonization Of Antarctica

If you believe in global warming (there are a number of scientists that refute this), you will see a great future in the colonization of Antarctica. The melting ice will expose land areas, which can serve to create new colonies that are likely to play the role of the ports and to Orient their activities on the marine fisheries or shipping.

The world through 90 years (2106)

Changes in language, culture

If the world will go the way of globalization (which is quite possible), then this world will have to develop a common language which will serve as the language of international communication. Now, this role in English, but it is likely that there will be proposed an artificial language, which will include elements of Chinese, Indian and English. It is extremely simple to learn.

On the other hand, if the world critically perceive globalization and, on the contrary, will disintegrate into small States, the study of any foreign language will become meaningless — by that time humanity will have automated transfer systems that will be integrated in the brain or in a specific device.

The world in 100 years (2116)

Civilization of a new type

Ultimately humanity will have to abandon traditional energy sources and adopt renewable energy sources. What is it like to represent these sources, we do not know. But if we are not able to find something like that, our civilization will not be able to get outside a planet that has a limited lifetime.

Started the terraforming of Mars

You finally will see how the life on a lifeless planet. First bacteria, then algae — they will change the atmosphere of Mars especially for people to prepare the planet for mass settlement. Terraforming is the task of several generations, and it just will not be completed by the beginning of XXII century. According to the materials of Stevie shepherd

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