How to celebrate the holidays sober

manygoodtips.com_18.12.2014_H7J2i5r3oG91LWe are all waiting for the new year holidays (although there are those who the holidays are annoying). This is a great time to take a break from work, to visit relatives, meet friends and just have fun. How can we stay sober?

Not to drink at all is difficult. Holidays – twice as hard.

But not now to avoid the holiday feast and the company of friends and loved ones, if you, for example, quit drinking, or was forced not to drink for some time for health reasons. Whatever the cause of your sobriety, you have to be persistent, to celebrate the holidays, well, we, as always, help advice.

1. Prepare in advance

Imagine you are already at the Christmas party, and parapeiros the response options to the question about why you don’t drink. So, do not drink, and Yes, even champagne under the chiming clock, and even for health. Keep in mind that most people immediately begin to think that because you’re not drinking, then you’re a good dude and probably blame them for the fact that they thump. So try proud to announce their sober lifestyle. Can even make unhappy that I would like to drink, especially in such company, but alas…

2. Be patient

Not only because almost the whole night you’re going to abandon one’s cups and everything will be back to bother you again, still hoping to persuade you to drink a little bit. But because you’ll have to watch sober, crazy fun people. Some moments you may seem really interesting, but in most cases you’ll be surprised what they do with people alcohol.

3. You’re not alone

Of course, people drinking during the holidays is much more than sober, but still you’re not the only teetotaler. If you are not lucky to meet the same non-drinker like you, your company, imagine that somewhere in another street or in another city or country there are the same guys who refuse good whiskey, and like you, for the hundredth time out, picking up convincing excuses.

4. Look for the pros

Fun and sober. Look at children: they are for fun not only to get drunk, but do not even need the reason to be happy.

The next day someone’s going to have a headache, but it’s not about you. You don’t have to deal with a hangover. You Wake up in bed, and not near the toilet. You don’t have to remember what yesterday was, and then for it to blush.

5. Be proud of yourself

Perhaps someday you did some terrible things drunk, and you were ashamed for certain things. But now it’s in the past. And although you really want to try the whiskey, you know what needs to stay, and, of course, will be able to do it. You will survive these holidays, and when would be difficult, just think about what can be proud of their determination and resilient character.

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