How to care for your shoes in bad weather


Optimists with bravado claim that there is no bad weather, but this is the first rain, after which any civilized man would have to clean the shoes. I really hope that you have not had time to do this procedure first read our article. If not — put down the Hairdryer and dishwasher, put the sponge back in the sink. Perhaps you should get ready for the most exciting journey in the world of Shoe.

– And Peter the long rain?

– 1703.

With this simple jokes, we will start our exciting adventure. Of course, bad weather is different, and if you caught, for example, hail or volcanic eruption, to worry not only about sneakers. But we are still about normal rain, snow or ice. A typical Russian man thinks that is enough to put your boots under the battery, and all the dry. Of course, it is dry, and only with this treatment until the next season might not survive. To get favorite shoes in the next year and not to be terrified, you will have to spend a number of simple procedures. It doesn’t take a lot of time, believe me.

Rumor has it that the use of shoes man has started 30 thousand years ago, almost immediately put production on stream. But gallant gentlemen did not appear immediately, so keep track of the accessories for the foot were only to the 18th century. It was then that a proliferation of the profession of Shoe, which has hitherto been preserved only in Afghanistan and India. From ourselves we can only say that before with shoes, it was much easier: the natives of Oceania, for example, just slipped her feet into rubber compounds, got them out and then just cut out shoes dried form. And about the cleaning didn’t even bother.

We have all seen in the movies, smeared with Shoe-Polish boys, who persistently boots rubbed the Prim gentlemen, but since then the situation has changed and now I have to do everything yourself.

However, as one wise lemur, and soon this fashion, democracy will take place (by the way, we do not support trump!).

However, to feel like the gentleman in the hat can be now — here, in Russia, in network workshops Barker you just sit in an armchair and wait until the specialist is engaged in your shoes. Zakir Ramazanov, head, notes that this is a very comfortable service, modern in our days:

«The client is conveniently located in the chair — master as shoes, the structure of the product and quality of the material determines what cosmetics to use in a particular case».

But what to do when, on returning home, you found your favorite shoes salt stains or dirt stains, but in the workshop too lazy to go? To begin to understand what you need to save the patient, make a diagnosis and then treat.



The cyclones carry with them the autumn rains are already over your head, so cleaning should be kept in mind. Moreover, will not be superfluous to take care of the Shoe cover. Versatile option it would be appropriate to call protective water-repellent impregnation, which must be applied before going outside before the downpour. This tool works similar to subcutaneous fat in geese, but don’t think that will be able to walk on water, treating the sole of aerosolise.So you understand why you can’t do without such tools, let us explain: first, the wet fabric is less strong, and secondly, it is heavier, thirdly, reduces the temperature of the body (i.e. foot), fourthly, reduces air exchange, and becomes rigid, loses its elasticity and crack. Well, enough points to think again?

If all the «good» has already happened, you need to act quickly and without panic. There are two ways: contact the Studio like Barker, or try to handle yourself. Probably the version of «for real men» suits you more, so read carefully. First loans sole: drops of water, especially if you wash under the tap, will inevitably fall on the skin of the boot, so better do it now than at the end of the treatments, destroying all efforts. Then put the shoes on special struts, and then stuff it inside the paper.

First, of course, you need to clean the shoes from dirt. Typically, the foam cleaner is a versatile tool for all types of leather (smooth leather, suede, nubuck, etc.). She starts shoeshine: foam envelops dirt, and special sponge removes dirt separated from the surface of the Shoe.

The next stage is the balm. It nourishes the skin, after which it becomes soft and elastic and becomes water repellent. It also can be used for all types of skins. Next smooth the skin treated with the cream shoes in color to refresh color and add Shine. The contents of the high percentage of beeswax provides additional water-repellent effect.

It is worth considering that in winter the road to the well-known reasons, is handled harsh chemicals. And here it is important to know that in such conditions all the above cosmetics can’t protect the footwear properly. In this case, it is recommended to apply the trim seal fat. It is very well repels water and protects skin from chemicals. The lack of seal blubber is that the shoes after application is not shiny.

New shoes leather (black & brown) sole often prefer to put the so-called «prevention». Fortunately, the choice of prevention now is great — for every taste and color. In some cases, in order to protect the leather sole, it is enough to choose the treatment professional means.

And this procedure is better to entrust to specialists in Shoe shops.

Regarding silicone sponges — they give immediate effect, but prolonged use cause irreparable damage to leather shoes. They are dried, the skin loses its elasticity, resulting in cracks.

In any case should not dry shoes on the battery, Hairdryer, etc. it is Necessary to put paper or newspaper and allow to dry naturally. If the shoes get wet, then you need to first lightly wash it, even if it seems clean. This precaution will protect the shoes from the appearance of salt stains and will not give the skin to swell during drying. When it dries, it is better to impregnate her moisturizing cosmetic products for care of shoes. If not, you can use castor oil. After the oil is absorbed, polishing brush or polishing cloth.

For greater success we recommend the use of Shoe creams with beeswax content good quality. The cream softens the skin, restores color, color fading, masks minor scratches. The skin she’s in any kind of maintenance. And the more you have her attention, the better it becomes and the longer it will serve.

In fact, with sneakers the same fate, but their fate you should ask Solemate – there it is they do. These guys are spreading all over Russia and Belarus of care crosses economic, compatible with all types of material and more environmentally friendly folk remedies and give advice on their use. The principle is simple: with a wet brush, you need to put a little money on the shoes, then soak again and napinit the surface of the sneaker with active movements. The foam should be removed with a cloth or tissue and leave to dry at room temperature.


Incidentally, this is also the danger for shoes. A large enough garden can not only break a finger, but worse, leave the brand new shoes scratches. If you managed to escape from a sudden cataclysm, brush broken finger with green paint and then get the shoes.

The first method is designed for small scratches: take a toothpick and DAB the end with varnish or glue, and then slide tipped mini-spear inside the injury.

Then hold him wrapped in cloth thumb for 3-4 minutes. For the second method, you will need paraffin candle: just put a little bit of hot wax to «morning» and then wipe with a soft flannel cloth. By the way, if the skin color (in shoes!), you need to paint the cream on it the desired color. Gouache won’t do.

The eruption

A man must be ready for anything, and the next awakening Eyjafjallajokull just cannot be an obstacle in order to make a cool frame for a loved one or just to look at the magma, beautifully streamlined your shoes. Until you started to burn, we recommend you to get out of the kill zone and pay attention on burns your favorite shoes. If we are talking about dark skin, then a classic version of boot-Polish, Shoe Polish is the best. If in the neighboring village have fled all the dealers should not steal: the wax can be easily made from ordinary eggs, whipped with chimney and soot diluted in vinegar or beer. However, the latter leave yourself after a volcanic eruption without cold not do.


For a hike across the Sahara of course, you deliberately chose the suede, but if it happened unexpectedly, and you just fell out of the plane in the desert, fighting with a terrorist — the situation is familiar. To clean it from sand and dust, will have to rummage around in the pockets of action — surely he can find a roll of Scotch tape (it is necessary what to fix the store on the old Kalash). Found? Now imagine yourself a young lady, who gently and trying not to scream makes hair on their slender legs. The principle is clear and simple. Fit, by the way, and a regular toothbrush — for hard to reach places. Most importantly, remember that it is necessary to RUB in one direction, carefully and gently. After the procedure, it is better to fold it into a package and then consider which way is Morocco, and why you are constantly followed by trouble.

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