How to care for the women in the gym



For anybody not a secret that the meet, and/or care for ladies in the gym — bad. Then the question arises, how all the same to meet a girl from the gym that you like? And suddenly it’s the love of my life?


Well, if it’s «love of a lifetime», we must act. If you’re sure that she’s not married or doesn’t have a serious relationship, you can look after it in the gym (not always, of course, you can find out its status, do not talk to her, then you will find out in the process).

For starters, make sure you already acquired muscle, or shed of your Girkan, in short you are not ashamed to show himself in a t-shirt and sports pants in front of the girl crush.

If the body is all right, demonstrate it, trying to do around this girl. No need to manically pursue it and go after him. Should it by chance and occasionally it turns out that you’re with her.

When you’re around, offers a lot of opportunities to strike up a conversation with her. Do not immediately ask her name and introduce myself. Just talk, for example, if you see what she does press with errors, tell me or show me how. If the girl is outgoing and she’s cute, the theme of the bench can smoothly rotate in a different direction. And even if you already forgot about the bench, and that are at the gym, do not rush to ask her out. It may be just particularly sociable, and after half an hour also had a nice conversation with some Jock.

If a friend does better than you bench, and do all the exercise does is, you can ask her, for example, if she took any extra hours with the instructor, and, if so, with whom. Tell me what you would like to work individually, but do not know what the instructor is better or something in that style.

If that does not work, put your thinking cap on and come up with any excuse to talk to her. And you will continue to act according to circumstances. If each time meeting in the gym you start a conversation (especially if it is one), you can take the risk and invite her to the cinema or cafe. Of course, things can break off, and she talked to you just like that, without plans for the future, or maybe she has long been waiting for your initiative. There you go, man! If you get rejected, we continue to communicate on (such as a friend), some girlfriends don’t see their happiness at first sight.

And if you all the time the dynamite, and you realized that nothing will come of it, support with it communication at least occasionally, so she didn’t think you oblamalsya and now fear in her eyes fall.

If this girl was not lucky, I will meet a new «love of your life». But to miss a chance you never, whether for the gym or other place.

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