How to care for the hat

manygoodtips.com_19.06.2014_Rgx1aPSDtloN8So, you found yourself the perfect hat that is appropriate to the shape of your face, nose, ears and even skin color. And of course you bother to headgear were made not only by skillful hands, but also quality materials. You know, in terms of style, there is nothing shittier than a shitty hat. Now, when her presence on the head have long ceased to be an obligatory condition of publication of any with at least a drop of self-esteem men, the fact of having in your closet for hats gives you a dandy» — a man confuse for their own. But if you, being «the dude» couldn’t buy a decent hat, you’ll look like a jerk not only in the eyes of other mods, but from the standpoint of lads from your area, and simply look at your neighbor Semyon Pavlovich, veteran, wears a Homburg with 14 years.

But even expensive and high-quality hat runs the risk of losing your presentation in a very short time, if you can’t do with her right to appeal. But because you read, pay attention and your hat will always look like new, even when it will pass by inheritance to your son or even grandson.


Being in the room, you must remove the hat. And what then to do? you can ask.

In the case of a flat surface, remember that a hat should be put on the crown, and no edges. Under the influence of gravity region can be deformed.

You can hang your hat on the rack. Most importantly make sure that the hook is not very sharp and won’t leave dents in your beautiful. And don’t leave the hat on the hook for a long time. After a certain period of time, even a mild hook may deform the bow or crown.

If you are planning to save a hat in a drawer, make sure this box is present a filler in the form of wool, for example, which will maintain the edge and the crown. Avoid falling into the water, and also a large amount of heat — all these factors can negatively affect the shape of the hat. And, of course, beware of moths. For protection you can use lavender or cedar (a beautiful, masculine scents).


Dirt, of course, best addressed with brushes, and brushes designed for cleaning hats. However, if you do not plan to buy special accessories, just remember one thing: the nylon bristles destroys the structure of the felt and many other materials. Use brushes with natural bristles.

Dust is easily removed with a damp cloth.

To eliminate animal lint or fluff use the roller with masking tape, is designed to clean the coat.

If you put a hat on a spot, best take it to the dry cleaners. However, greasy stains you can try to eliminate yourself by using cornstarch: mix it with water and a soft sponge apply the stain. After drying, remove residues of starch brush.

And some advice:

If you got under the rain, let the hat to dry naturally.

Do not allow wetting the straw hats.

Don’t leave the hat in the car under the scorching summer sun.

Ventilated hat after wearing the crown down. The sweat will evaporate and not soak into it.

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