How to care for men’s hair

We never tire of repeating that the person is not ignorant, rude and vicious people. There is a perception that if it is not pouring molten steel with his bare hands from one barrel to another, it is not a man. He must not laugh, must not watch melodrama, and in any case should not take care of themselves. If he can’t ride the tank and gave the duty to the Motherland in conditions of complete lack of hygiene and all the joys of life, up to this guy, he’s still not up.

manygoodtips.com_9.08.2016_XzJpUYjH1b1eGIn fact, a real man glorious in very different qualities. Respect for women, caring for loved ones, constant development, the ability to take responsibility for their words and care about their health. A man has a right to take care of their appearance, to monitor the health of your hair and take care of your clothes. That’s what distinguishes a responsible person from the stereotypical evil, in all senses of the man. In order to understand and correctly choose suitable for hair care tools we have invited experts in this field.

1 Daily care to Start caring for the hair, of course, need a good shampoo. If your hair don’t get enough vitamins and minerals during washing, then think of a beautiful hair is not worth it. We must start with the Foundation. It’s like building a house. If the Foundation is bad, not matter how beautiful the Windows and doors. Same with your hair. In the first place health, and then beauty.

At the first stage it is important to choose a good shampoo for the daily care that is tailored to your scalp. Don’t think all shampoos are the same and is you blatantly lying. Someone shampoo suitable with the content of strengthening agents, and someone with a weaker formula.

Ideally, of course, you need to consult with a specialist who will pick the vehicle right for you. If this option is not suitable for you and you don’t want to waste time going to the beautician, or just can’t bring myself to do it, explaining that a real man to cosmetologists not walking, start with a shampoo every day. The composition of these funds is usually lightweight and contains a simple formula with the basic components which will not hurt the scalp. Not to guess and to look for a needle in a haystack, we asked the expert to recommend a shampoo. Tokarenko, the General Director of the workshop «Shipr»


«The main task of men’s shampoo is a thorough removal of sebum, with a quality shampoo needs to solve this problem delicately without drying the skin.»

Despite the fact that more and more men are beginning to appreciate a quality haircut and to follow their way, they will need to use a shampoo for daily use to get rid of styling products and change their image very often.

Thus, the relevant steel products with additional functionality for more powerful cleansing not only of the scalp and hair from the effects of imprisonment.


Our craftsmen, each of whom is a participant and winner of various competitions in hairdressing, always recommend our customers to use professional shampoos that are created specifically for men, as they solve the problem of daily care of hair, avoiding common problems with the scalp.

One of such shampoos is the Active Force Shampoo from the company Barex EXL. He carefully and delicately cleanses the hair and scalp, gently removes residues of styling products, and also has a detox effect. In its composition contains an optimum level of hydration and nutrition of the scalp.

2 hair styling use several tools, depending on the desired effect and type of hair. It can be a gel, wax, clay, paste and other fixing methods. Now considered very trendy hairstyles with styling clay. This gives the hair a special charm and style. Tokarenko, the General Director of the workshop «Shipr»


«Apparently, clay for the most common hair styling tool for men, along with pasta and wax, and presented in the product lines of most manufacturers.

Different brands of clay have different degree of fixation, firmer or softer consistency. Typically, clay is a matte finish, it won’t create the effect of glued strands, oily and dirty hair. Depending on the degree of fixation of the clay can be used for screaming, messy, erotskih hairstyles for short hair or more plastic hairstyles for medium hair, for example, with the classic haircut.»

manygoodtips.com_9.08.2016_hxC2HIP77wCg5Andrey Sapronov, Barber



Clay, pounded and warmed by the fingers, allows the two accounts to create texture and direction on coarse and unruly hair. Suggest to use clay The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Clay. This tool is suitable for different hair types, from normal to very naughty. This is real hardcore. Separately, I note the smell of the clay — it’s really good. The clay will help to achieve strong hold, matte effect and to disguise slightly stale hair. There is no feeling of heaviness and «pollution».

manygoodtips.com_9.08.2016_usleUN2RjcvlA3 Neutralization of gray hair

Many men are going through a difficult time when they begin to appear gray. For some, it is a complete failure and the feeling that old age is not far off, and for others, on the contrary, feeling the onset of the age of the sage. It is not necessary to dwell on it. It can be a bit mask, if you really prevents gray hair. There are special tools, including shampoos, which are perfectly cope with this function. Tokarenko, the General Director of the workshop «Shipr»


«Designed exclusively for men and is often found in the product lines of manufacturers of men’s cosmetics – shampoo hair treatment with grey hair.


The fact that despite the presence of a gray hair not all men are ready for radical change in the way that can be achieved, for example, using «Camouflage gray», in which gray hair is filled with a dye pigment are identical to the hair of a client, thereby creating a temporary effect of the lack of gray hair. Such men prefer to preserve the natural state of hair. In this case, we recommend a SILVER shampoo CHARGE from the company REDKEN. You can buy it, for example, in the online store Mialita. It will remove the effect of the yellowing of gray hair, and will add an earthy, noble gray-silver color».

Times change and care for themselves in our time, a real man is not ashamed. Grooming is now in Vogue. It gives the image of charm and style. Remember though the fashion of the sixties and men devoted to their style and looked ridiculous. It is important to find the middle ground that will allow you to look good while being a real man. Hopefully, these tips will help you in finding your own style.

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