How to care for leather shoes

Poradi.yak.ua_30.09.2014_atXiuo7JOU13RYou can say that this article is for the ladies, no way, man! This is an extremely severe male tips experienced vigilance in terms of active marketing policy. This article is for those who want to look good, spend less, but it does not look like the last nerd. And we complained that produces a few tips about clothes, so we are trying to deal with this scourge feasible methods.

For a start it is worth noting that skin is always better than the substitute for quality. Leather can be natural, artificial and synthetic. The last two species represent the resin mass, rolled out a thin layer on a fabric or paper backing, the notorious kirza — artificial leather. Synthetic leather is different from the artificial added to the formulation scraps of skin and leather dust, so it is considered better and more hygienic. But the skin, even though that tends to ignore the cold air and cracking with a very strong cold, any better.

Good shoes — bargain. Do not expect that it will last you forever, because there’s nothing worse than buying for many, many years (10-15 years). Good shoes will stay with you for 3-5 years, which is quite a normal. May 6-7, if the classic style. Why not keep shoes for longer than 10 years? Because she will still gain a worn look, style style will be the old fart. Look at the jacket Vavilen Tatar from the movie «Generation «P»», this jacket was worn recently, I even remember, now they look pathetic, the same will with the footwear, which are also aging rapidly. It is not in Vogue, the matter you produce experience, especially for 5-7 years, the cost of shoes may well pay off.


Do not skimp on the quality of winter and demi-season shoes. Calluses, smelly feet and other troubles — it sucks. Bought a German or European shoes from a cool hard leather sheep (or goat, or cow) and happy.

How to take care of it?

To shoes last longer, it is necessary to take care of a woman. How would carefully you don’t wear shoes, she still is subjected to various troubles.

1. Organoleptic inspection

For a start, check the boots for cracks, scratches, torn soles and other troubles. Sometimes it seems that everything is fine, and then the Shoe turns into a crocodile, and you find yourself in an awkward situation. If you are having trouble immediately give bots in for repair, do not pull. If your shoes are brand new, check their water, especially if it has been declared by the manufacturer. I used to not believe in modern coatings, which make the shoes impervious to moisture, but not so long ago saw this on the new shoes. Really do not get wet. Take the boot and hold it under running water, if leaking, can be changed.

2. Unlace shoes

Soak the laces in warm water and put to dry. Wipe the dirt with a wet cloth, in case of severe dirt, use brush.

3. Warm water

Use warm water and a soft cloth. Pay attention to hard to reach places between the tongue and the upper part. Wipe there too hard. If there are stubborn stains, use a special detergent.

4. Cream

Use the skin cream. It can be an oil or an expensive mink fat, which, they say, softens the skin. Don’t skimp on cleaning, so your shoes will last much longer. Pick up means in accordance with skin type, color and purpose (Shine, repel liquids). Put a little bit funds on a rag, carefully RUB over the entire surface, put a little bit on the Shoe tongue, carefully RUB and there. It is good to get a special cloth made of wool or to find old wool socks. This product is efficiently covered with a cream you have to RUB the surface of the Shoe to a Shine, removing any excess funds and rubbing it into the structure of the Shoe. So masked microcracks, the surface becomes more thoroughly developed.

5. Waterproofing spray

If you want water falling from your sneakers, just mercury, buy special water-repellent spray, if you have not used the last cream with similar properties. Put the shoes on a newspaper, spray thoroughly from all sides with spray and set to dry overnight.

Why do I need it? As for what to shoes last you for a long time. This procedure of caring for leather boots I recommend twice a week. Then when the shoes you get bored, you can sell it online for good money.

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