How to care for a mustache

First, let’s read this post you need only if you’re serious in relation to his mustache. If the vegetation is above your upper lip appears periodically and then only because you are just too lazy to shave often — close your browser and go to the bath.

Real moustache whiskers loves, cares for them, leads to the restaurants, gives flowers…

Okay, about the flowers bent.

Than scratching

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Let’s say you have already decided on the shape of whiskers and even bought a set of doll hairbrushes, what really surprised my friend. By the way, it is believed that combing and impart a desired motion vector mustache is the perfect round brush from the usual women’s mascara.

How to wash


Start with regular shampoo. In General, the facial hair, the same principles apply, and the hair on the head to wash too often — harmful, wash it very rarely ugly. Remember, a conditioner will make the whiskers soft and silky, and regular soap will allow you to achieve the splendor and ease, if you need of course.

What to conclude


Oldfagi say that for laying and fixing of whiskers you can use handy tools such as soap, peanut butter, honey. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that after the first rain, all your efforts go down the drain.

Advanced lesozavodskii use a special wax for his mustache. It will provide a long and persistent fixation and pleasant (one) flavor.

How to install


1. Carefully comb mustache.

2. Warm a small amount of wax in the hand (if you use solid wax).

3. Put some wax on the lower part of the mustache to give the overall shape.

4. Apply wax to the tips of the moustache, swirling movements.

5. Bend the tips in the right direction a little and hold it in this position.

Some guys advise to apply wax exclusively to the tips of the moustache, starting from the center in different directions.

The main thing to remember when using wax — it should not be much. Rather, even so, the wax should be very few, literally a drop.

To remove the excess wax, the moustache should be brushed and in the process of laying.

Excess wax in your mustache reminds once smeared and subsequently stiff from old age snot.

Needless to say that such accessory of courage you will not add.

How to live


After moustache washed, combed and styled, you’re in for an amazing and adventurous life barbel.

And don’t you dare whine that mustache is too troublesome, time consuming, and generally you’re too lazy.

Baleen carry their burden with pride!

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