How to buy a used car

old carLast year with one of my bro there was a story. He and his girlfriend were sitting in the coffee shop and peacefully eating your lunch when all of a sudden heard in the street the accident occurred. They came out of the café and saw that someone hit their car, parked right in front of the cafe. Madame, who was, pretty drunk and all went into the oncoming lane. She was lucky: she survived and is healthy, but her car did not hurt, but my car guy was ditched a little more than full — it seems that always happen the worst way.

And bro realized that it is easier to buy a new car than repair the old one because the old was already breathing hard. Well, as a new machine and new it was for him, he bought it with the hands. After this acquisition, the dude can tell a lot about how to buy a used car. So I put it on the ass and with passion questioned.

What is good to buy a car with hands

It is less impaired. You know that when you buy a brand new car and driving it, it quickly ceases to be new. For about two years it depreciated almost by a third, and if you are going to sell it and then buy another, it’ll be so less profitable, than to buy a car with it and then resell it.

Price. If wear is your primary enemy when you buy a new car, in the case of buying the machine he was just your best friend. The difference between a brand new machine and the one on which he traveled two years, not very big, but you can pay a third less. Too high a price for the smell of novelty.

If you want to buy a car even older, you will save even more an old «Volga» and do the thousands of seven — but that’s an example, I do not advise. Although a couple years is enough.

More choices. Because old cars are cheaper than new, you greatly diversify your choice. Instead of dreaming about expensive cars, you can go to a very good reality. While he did not see and do not try, do not believe it, but the way it is.

Preliminary inspection of the machine

Before driving, check the car. So, just in case.

Look at the bottom, not rusty car. A used car with rust is an unhealthy option. Of course, rusty frame can still be saved, but it will need to destroy a lot of effort, time and money. Look for another option.

Check the tires and wheels. Pay attention to even the tire wear. Uneven wear on the front may mean that there are problems with the wheels or suspension.

Evaluate the appearance of the car. Look for areas that are different from the primary color is evidence of past accidents. Sometimes can burn is evidence of spray on the window. Knock on other sites and compare how they change the sound. If changed significantly, it’s a bad sign.

Check out the interior of the machine. You don’t want to drive, the seats where torn to pieces. Pay attention to the odometer. If it is surprisingly little mileage, and the car delivers the looks like it popped to hell and back, something’s not right.

Look under the hood. If you see that pacorini nuts, and bolts ripped off the cap, it is a sure sign of poor maintenance. While you’re at it, check the spark plugs in case they are newer than the rest of the engine. If it is, it means that it underwent thorough maintenance — a good thing.

Stumps on the bus. Well, just to be safe.

Test drive

The engine is cold. He will tell you much more than warmed up.

Plan your dead your route. You need to get your route was similar to the area where you have to ride every day. It was nice to ride in a car on the neighboring streets, but a lot, or do you recognize it? Need to test and a good road, and worse a country road, and gravel road.

Give me the key. The machine is easy to make? She makes weird sounds when it starts to work? You need to turn the key several times to start the car?

Check the instruments. Pay attention to the wiper, lights, radio, air conditioning. When you turn on the a / C the engine power should not be much to fall.

Check the gearbox. If a car with an automatic transmission, it’s not supposed to make loud noises when changing gear and to think, before will be perelozhenie. Everything should happen smoothly and easily. Manual transmission must switch pliable. If you hear a sound like someone treats teeth when changing gear, this means that the synchronizer box malfunction. Can still check the clutch manual transmission, stopping on a mountain high gear the third or the fourth. If the clutch is OK, the revs will drop. If the clutch is not in order, the engine will run, but enter will be much harder.

Check the brakes. Find a road where almost nobody goes, and good acceleration. Now click on the brakes — hard! If the car pulls to the right or left, it may mean that loose brake caliper mounting or the side where the vehicle pulls, not enough brake fluid. In addition, if you feel shaking while braking, it could mean that the brakes warped. The brake pedal should be firm when you put pressure on her. If the brakes are literally drowning, you may have to replace the master cylinder.

Check alignment. While driving for a moment, tear off a hand from the wheel and see if the car pulls to the side. If this happens, possibly with the alignment of cars have problems.

Check the presence of smoke. For this you will need an assistant. When you go at full speed, take your foot off the gas pedal for a few seconds and then put it back. If your bro will see blue smoke means burning oil, and the engine has a problem that may require a thorough repair.

Drive through bumpy road. We need to check how the car reacts to bumps. If you have a good feel, then the shock absorbers are worn out.

Listen. If the car rattles, groans, knocks, it is a problem. Of course, this can be fixed, but why waste time and money? You already pay for the car.

That’s what was advised to me by my bro. If you guys had to buy a used car, please share with us your tips in the comments.

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