How to buy a good car for little money

manygoodtips.com_2.03.2016_tDmwxJyk26e61There are millions of ways to invest your money properly. And half of these methods is the acquisition of the first personal vehicle. People collect money, work 7 days a week, take out a loan and are coming to the showrooms. In the end, they get the keys from what is now fashionable and youth. Some go to buy used cars, but also wrong. And all because they didn’t read our tips for buying with. Cars can be deceptive, like a first love: attractive and attractive, without a scratch, but inside is rotten to the horror. So make no mistakes and look for inner beauty. So you will save your money and buy something decent.

Invest in «real» knowledge

Before buying a car will not be superfluous to read reviews of motoring journalists, to dig into the Internet to see comments from owners of different models – it’s all good. But don’t put everything good into one basket. Not to be mistaken with the choice of car you’ll need one very simple, yet very important man in the country. We say, our friend, the mechanic, whose life experience is more truthful than a dozen reviews. He can tell you about models that were released 15 years ago, and he will do it better than any car magazines. You will receive valuable information about the wear of the machine, about parts, about the possible problems. So you can cut off a bunch of cars that, at first glance, seem to be the ideal choice.

Forget about popularity and appearance

The market of secondhand cars there is an unpleasant trend: some cars are more expensive only because are popular with people. And this creates a wrong picture of quality. Beauty and demand we throw sand in the eyes, which makes it impossible to see cars half-forgotten, but no less solid in terms of reliability.

Always focus on the durability. It’s a first car and a little money if it’s necessary in this case to risk. Somebody sells something unpopular, old, rust, but work.

Be energetic in the negotiations

manygoodtips.com_2.03.2016_NtcMMCANJDVJjMost people simply do not understand the essence of what happens when it comes to the flexibility of the pricing policy of the owner of the car. People are painfully blunt and not active in the negotiations. Therefore pay more. We are convinced that the majority of car owners are ready to reset the declared price. Besides, many of them in dire need of money. But be realistic, it is not necessary to spend time on the machines, which cost more than your budget twice. Half the price tag, in my memory, never dumped.

About the car need to know

If the machine is already quite elderly, many details will be missed. Check with a list of those things that the manufacturer recommends for maintenance, and draw conclusions. Perhaps this list will be so great that it is easier to buy something else. This is especially true for old models. We really recommend you to check the car thoroughly before purchase, otherwise you may be waiting a very unhappy surprises.

Mechanics is most important

The most important thing in the car, its technical condition, which causes the machine to stay on the move after hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. And if you buy a used car, you invest not only in a piece of metal on wheels, but the habits of the previous owner. Thus, you really should pay attention to how cared for machine. It’s like man and his power: if the guy eats right and especially not eating chips, beer, and live longer. If you find a car, which is well taken care of, it will speak volumes.

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