How to buy a friend underwear


I’ll tell you honestly, man, I love panties. I think this is the coolest part of the female wardrobe. They can be so different! And cute and sexy and even a bit weird — like some shorts with lace on the edges. I bet if you asked about lingerie, you would answer the same way.

«Yeah, cool» — perhaps you would say something like that.

And somehow it is assumed that the lingerie purchase for themselves are usually women themselves. I don’t understand. Every girlfriend will easily go into any H&M and buy a package of any boxers or briefs and go in peace then it will be OK. So, she doesn’t like lingerie her guy, and Yes, it can easily affect the situation. Just goes and buys themselves.

But when the average guy walks into a lingerie store and begins to choose some sexy panties for my girlfriend, it is usually start to look out for, to ask if he needed any help, and the customers whispering and almost show a finger at him, «Look, how brave!»

Recently I decided to buy a friend underwear. Just to do something nice: women love lingerie. Went to the nearest store with this intention and got some lessons. I hope they can help you.

Don’t drink for courage. Yes, it’s a stupid idea. There is such a habit is to roll for courage, because all things seem better and easier if to combine them with alcohol. But you forgot how awesome, exciting and Prim atmosphere in these stores. It is still something to be drunk in the Palace, where you’re not invited. You don’t get any pleasure walking around the neighborhood with the girls being drunk. And you will smell like alcohol. People will start to wonder if you’re drunk and began to choose panties: you got delirium tremens?

Don’t go in there alone. Take a friend with you. So you’ll look like a normal person who has friends and who regularly communicate with them. And not like a dirty pervert who is locked in the evenings at home and dress in front of the mirror underwear. You’re no longer 17, and that means people will perceive you as serious people, who came to choose a gift. «Oh, he took a friend along because one, he was embarrassed,» and everyone will look at you with a smile emotion. This is normal. If you go single, you’ll look like a pervert or Hickey-nerd, which is over the Internet, and he at once century got out of the house to look at the white light and see what’s new.

Get dressed neatly. You want to make an impression «respectable young man of a serious relationship» and not degenerate. It is not necessary to put on the first available bench-pants and basketball Jersey, and linen to go with your fingers soiled with sauce from just eaten a Burger (Yes, you have eaten and do not have time to wash my hands). No one wants to see this guy anywhere else, but in the lingerie shop — especially.

Don’t touch the product. It’s not the same as to tear trees with ripe fruits. No need to take him in hand, stroking and sniffing. It doesn’t matter if the right and left of you girls are going to pick up one, then the other panties. No girl wants to buy clothes, which felt unfamiliar with her man. Or even in front of her. They’re strange, and underwear — a very delicate subject that should be respected.

Don’t ignore staff. If I asked you if you needed help, immediately agreed. Explain why you’re here. They will gladly do for you everything possible. You say: «No thanks,» and turn away, and you just seem them thereby pervert or Hickey-nerd. It is necessary to you? Moreover, the tips that will give you a saleswoman, can be very good, they should listen.

Don’t ask me how to wear different underwear. If some thing seems weird to you, then… then whatever. May want to buy it, and your friend she will understand. You may be interested all of these clasps, but if you start to understand how they work, it may be delayed and lead to various awkward consequences: for example, the clerk begins to put linen directly on the shirt. It’s stupid to do, right? And it may seem that for all the stunts you came here.

Don’t hang around. When you feel that you are in the store too long, no doubt: the way it is. If you don’t find anything, do not buy something completely left (for example, if it is the same H&M, don’t buy is underwear, which for so long looked, accessories or clothes). It would seem that you are ashamed because you come here and you’re trying to disguise. You’re a grown man. Don’t like it, apologized and moved on, that’s all.

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