How to burn bridges say you should build bridges, not walls. In the days of my youth, my friends even recorded a song about it. Words are good but not for every occasion. Some people are pulling us down, not letting us go to his purpose, and therefore it is vital for us to get rid of them. I never thought that one day I will tell you how to break the ties.


Is to burn the bridge between you and your friends, who are very carefully stuffed to be your friend. Who could it be? A friend of a friend, former coworker, your Barber, or someone else who actively builds a bridge between you, which you absolutely do not need.

It is impossible to Investigate it in a personal conversation. How do you imagine it? «I’m sorry, I have enough friends»?

Need: to Ignore all his attempts to talk with you and wait for him to fall off of you like a limb afflicted with gangrene. When you meet him in a few months or a year, he will not even ask you why you have ceased to react to it. It’s flowers.


Friendship is great, but sometimes it can not withstand the test of time or a new way of life of someone from friends. For example, your. Maybe you still consider this guy a friend, though in reality a hundred years have not met him and you, to be honest, not very much pulls. However, your friend does not know about it.

You can not Erase the memory of your friendship. You’ve been through a lot together, for a moment. This man is important to you, even if you now have a completely different life. Under no circumstances it is impossible to avoid and evade his attempts to bring in with you. And, of course, would not end the friendship with biting SMS, phone call or email.

Need: to Apply a strategy.

1. Identify your target. You decided that with this man you are no longer on the road. Maybe your interests diverged, he now has common themes with people who are far from you, or you both drink and you want to quit alcohol. Whatever it is, you need motivation.

2. To strengthen the argument. You need something sane.

3. This is very similar to surgery. Of course, it will be to react to your actions. Any uncertainty will do you harm. If you start a discussion, you just look like an asshole who wants to quit.

4. Arrange a meeting on neutral territory. Meeting face to face already has in mind something important. No invitations to dinner — you find yourself trapped.

5. Speak directly. Do favor for both of you.

6. Show that you sympathize with him. Watch what you say. Instead of saying, «We drink too much and this pulls me down» — it is better to put it more vaguely: «We’re killing time together, and I needed a break. You’re a great friend, so that you will understand me».


Sometimes they are so annoying, that even cry. Like I want to be angry, and the like, and afraid to lose respect in the working world — all the same what to dig his own grave. What to do if not?

It is impossible to Act impulsively. It is better to calculate in advance, otherwise you provided a bad reputation around the office. Remember, reputation is very fragile, build it over the years and can lose in a moment. If you plan to continue to work in this place, the bridge is still better not to smoke.

Need: to Carefully follow our recommendations:

1. Accept that you’re locked in the same space with these people. Don’t expect a lot of things: very disappointed.

2. In advance think over, than you desperately need to burn this bridge. The arguments have to revolve around work and to be perfect, so to them it was impossible to find fault.

3. If you want to from you was not bound to one particular person is correct: you are somehow spoiled his self-esteem. At least take him aside and talk to face to face, not to give others a reason to gossip.

4. Keep a balance between professionalism and humanity. So you’ll remember why this man should walk out of your life.

5. Ask if there is enough clear you put it. It’s like that to seal the deal with a handshake.


Family members can sometimes tell you is that the head will not wear. They can bestermann to ignore any borders and in case of disobedience to immediately charge you with treason. It will be difficult. It will be very difficult, and part of the family even would blame you.

It is impossible to Involve other family members. This applies only to the two of you. Do you want to chat with a friend — do not communicate with one that is not necessary to burn polselli.

Need: of Course, remember our advice.

1. The last warning shot and then burn Napalm. Cycling the hurtful words.

2. Try to be tactful, but don’t lie. If there is a reason to burn a family bridge, talk about it directly.

3. Describe all of your stress, not to seem indifferent and to be understood.

4. Remember that the bridge can be restored, but only on your initiative.

Smoke gently

Not nargesi excess and then cry.

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