How to build meat?



Hello, you have here a lot of tips how to lose weight, but I have a problem somewhat different, namely: how to gain weight? Eat good and useful to eat, play sports, muscle mass is slowly increasing, but the face, fingers and the like — thin, and that’s not looks. What I can advise is, and what mode is better to observe? Often eat can’t always as a student.

First, we don’t know what specifically you eat. Write, please, in the comments. There are guys who, because of physique very hard gaining mass. This does not mean that they can’t become thick, often aged up to 25 years a lot of guys skinny, like Auschwitz. May just have to wait. Then he will regret having wanted to get better.

The most obvious advice — eat a lot. At least 3000 calories a day calories. But it makes sense only when you work with iron, otherwise it will go to fat. See the long skinny guys can gain fat, they don’t become fat from, they begin to swim. Kind of skinny dude, but he has a little tummy fat in the most inappropriate places and the fat under the skin. It is the result of a set of calories without training. We need to focus on muscle mass. We wrote about an inexpensive way of weight, can have a look at the article.

To during workouts to gain muscle mass, drink whey protein. Let the price does not bother you is a good way to gain muscle mass. Protein is not Pharma, it’s just concentrated milk protein and other sources, it’s nothing harmful. 800 rubles for 500 grams of powder this may seem expensive, but it lasts for a long time. Drink protein with milk for dinner before or after training. Drinking protein is cheaper than chicken Breasts, but chicken Breasts also should not give up — it’s cheap.

Relatively fingers at once will tell — the case in genetics. Fat in virtually none. But visually they can be increase due to large forearms, biceps and shoulders. Work those. Forearms good to keep the load on the arm bent for a certain time or to use a special trainer. Due to the expander, you can build muscle on the hands, but don’t think they will be very large, a simple form of set.

With respect to a person: man, you zazhralis! Someone with a bit will eat, and he already grow of cheeks and chin, and you have a narrow face — it’s cool, be proud. Pump face it, genetics. Due to the strong neck slightly to correct the imbalance, but many weightlifters often look as though their head with another person.

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