How to build a winter shelter


Most likely, you noticed a sharp transition from the hot and muggy summer to a cold and wet autumn. You are so observant, right, like the weatherman on television, who once again predicting a very cold winter. She is the winter to be cold, so that such predictions are no surprise. And even where does the winter? Fall is already cold enough, and you still can not usidit in place. You have to go somewhere on a hike.

Don’t even know what is better: to be a lazy ass or too active ass. In any case, the discussion today will focus on those men who love to find adventure on his ass, and the cold doesn’t stop them. We will tell you how to make an insulated shelter that will save you in a autumn/winter night in the woods.

1. Create a basis


In cold weather it is important to get off the ground. In the sense that your shelter should be at some elevation. The height of such structures shall be 12-18 inches, and the width of your bed will be several inches wider than your body in the supine position.

Once you make a base with 8 long beams, stood parallel to the small branches. You will need 2-3 pieces.

2. Make this bed


The hands are thin rods or thin branches along your future beds. No need to take wide, because they will not bend, and sleep on them will be uncomfortable.


Now, when the branches on the ground, time to make a springy mattress. The easiest way is to lay all the branches with leaves or conifer branches. Note that the branches laid «herringbone». More precisely, like so:


If you’re in the woods, where there are no evergreens, then cover the bed with a very thin branches. Trust me, you will be comfortable enough to sleep here.


3. A roof over my head


Now we need to make the roof. We need to find 10 branches of length up to 2.5 meters. They should be long, thin and flexible. We stuck their one end in the ground and bend over all the ground in the tents. So, spin these branches in the form of a semicircle, as shown in the photo.



4. Magic


This is the place where the magic happens. You’ll need plastic film and reflective cloth. First, rewind the half dome reflective cloth, and then cover the entire tent with polyethylene. Can try to fix the polyethylene small branches.

5. How it works


In front of a tent build a small fire. Now your housing will work like a greenhouse, and you will always be warm until you VyPRESS out.

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