How to build a «Swedish torch»

manygoodtips.com_21.07.2015_3Oint5EhpmM7PIf in conditions of a hike, you found that there is a lack of firewood (well, you never know), but here and there protrude sturdy hemp, there is one trump option. In General, it can be used in the yard, if there is no grill. Yes anywhere, the main thing is to find a stump or tree with a more or less smooth trunk.

We are talking about the legendary, mysterious Swedish torch – that is busy the name of this not the bonfire, not brazier. And what’s the difference, «the torch» – something very useful from all sides: warm and giving, and prepares food. And most importantly, it can be put around the tent to ward off evil spirits with smoke, mosquitoes, and wild animals.

Came up with it, it is not difficult to guess, the Swedes during the legendary Protestant Thirty years War. Getting up camp in the cold forests, they discovered that the wood for the «warm» was not enough. But in the woods littered with many fallen dead trees. Then in the head one wise guy came up with the idea not to cut the trunk into logs, and to use it wisely. It turned out something similar to a burning barrel, near where the homeless basking Harlem. But, looking at this «oven», imagine the harsh geologists who roast her dead animal carcass, or their balls.

Humanists remind you that you are using the dry fallen trees. It makes no sense to the hack as «real» guns much harmful for a fire moisture.

Here are the basic steps to creating a perfect «torch»:

1. Find a smooth trunk without knots and twists.

2. If you found the stump, make sure he has a perfectly flat top. If cut myself, drank smoother.

3. Choose a dry tree. It has a lot of resin, which will benefit our flame.

4. If the stump do you need solely for cooking purposes, choose to trunk diameter was slightly smaller than the diameter of the bottom of the pan. If there is very little, your cooking is not enough fire, too wide – the flames take the dishes from all sides, as a victim of the Inquisition. Side effectively, but the dishes will spoil.

5. Put the stump vertically and make a longitudinal incision from top to bottom, leaving at least 10 cm at the base. Then another, perpendicular to the first. You can make a few more: the more, the brighter the flame.

6. Hammered slivers and paper. One issue crappy rag like «AIDS-info» would be enough to fuel a healthy trunk. Even will remain at the sanitary needs associated with the campaign in the bushes.

7. Ignite.

8. Voila! You’re wonderful! The flames spread from the burning of Newspapers on the trunk, which will burn slowly and give out good heat. Moreover, the stump is still standing and will not fall like normal fire. Unless, of course, the cuts turned out smooth. However, after an intense beginning, the fire will die out. What is the reason? Curved hands and the wet barrel. Then give it some more fuel, and the flame will sparkle with renewed vigor. If there is a normal, constantly toss the newspaper and the chips don’t have.

Here is a portable fireplace made of natural, ecologically clean materials. If the garage is still overlooked by a violent chainsaw, don’t like the chemical smell of coal or stupid or firewood, it is highly recommended to try out the brutal grill, and even made by hand.

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