How to build a home mini-bar

Area of courage must not only be in the garage and in the couch in front of the telly, not only in the car or in the workplace, where you are not working. It needs to be in the house in plain view or, on the contrary, in a very secluded place. Since there is a tradition that once a person reaches maturity and gets their hands on the coveted meters of private urban land, so once the brain hits one really a heartwarming dream. The dream of your own mini-bar.

The drinking culture has deep roots. Drinking and its use is inherent in our civilization. A big difference is how you do it. Not even what you drink. Not necessarily to buy wine for a few thousand dollars to drink with dignity. There is in this beauty, a kind of ritual. Of course, you can ask: «Why are you even under the drink to make a separate place in the house? There is a wardrobe and some wine glasses and glasses! Still in the morning not remember anything… will» fundamentally incorrect position, but as a student is understandable. In our view, the farther a person lives, the more valued the ephemeral notion of beauty. And after all, beauty, style, and the main arguments in favor of the Minibar. They do not because it is convenient or practical. There is nothing practical in the bar to half the room, but she the hell is so attractive that talking about practicality simply inappropriate.

Imagine that you invite your friends and open the mini bar, poured whiskey with elegant glasses, add ice, and maybe something else and see how the world is filled with new and unusual colors. Or call a friend and mimic any scene from the movies with Marilyn Monroe. Mini-bars give this era of the mid-twentieth century, when behind the war was won, and ahead the music of John Lennon. Courage in its best sense and some easy.

Background bar

But enough talk and think about how to make a mini-bar, and what it needs. First you need to decide what the mini-bar from a regular bar is different except that its size and location in your house. You create a mini-bar not only for themselves but also for visitors: friends, family, girlfriends. Therefore, she «homely atmosphere» welcome. Try to determine the design bar furniture. The main rule: everything must be combined with the interior room, it is necessary stylistic monotony, and along with that a bar needs to stand out in a certain area. To achieve this is quite simple, for example, to separate bar different partitions.

If you want to buy wine Cabinet, no one will be able to come up with something better than the classic. A good choice for bars and you. And you can buy these guys.

The size of your home Paradise may be different. All depends on the size of your house and character of your friend, which is unlikely to be delighted with your ideas. In any case, it all depends on your imagination. Configuration home bars can be both stationary and mobile. The classics we’ve seen in many films: the stand-table, high bar chairs, a wine Cabinet or buffet. All this is enough. But of course, you can develop the idea or, conversely, to simplify it. For example, in a small apartment just a vertical stand with fixture for the bottles to her. You can certainly feel the Wolf of wall Street and to occupy the whole room for a bar. Then go into numerous cupboards, fridges, cookers, various furniture.

And there is such a thing as a mobile bar. A small locker that can be placed even on the coffee table. Very comfortable, in fact, a thing. Do these cabinets of high quality wood, they look generally «antique». If space is not, or you want your mini bar was right next to the bed, that is a great choice.

The interior of the bar

It is worth noting that the cabinets and stands is all the bones of the bar. But there are also shell. And its components are the various pieces of furniture, dishes, utensils bartender and lighting. This should only fit on an individual position, otherwise it is very easy to get lost. Too much in this regard, but will help you some more tips.

– The base bar is always vodka, whiskey and gin. The rest you can not buy, or buy for the occasion. But these three positions need to be, because the cocktails no one has yet canceled.

– Wines are a separate item. To forget them is impossible, and for them it’s better to get a wine Cabinet.

– Soft drinks don’t worry – they are easy to find in any store. Get some juice, well, the circle is mandatory.

– Purchase various drinking containers and bar tools: wine glasses, cocktail shaker, beer glasses (they come in different types, we like beckery), Madeleine, stainer, jigger and bar spoon. And of course, wine set.

Attribute of any gentleman – wine set. And his choice should be approached with great responsibility. We recommend to buy with free shipping in the online store of Indigo.

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