How to build a garage

Useful for those who just moved into a new house, or those first awkward arranged the garage. Many guys make the mistake when warehoused all in one pre-purchased wardrobe. When you put in one closed space is different in the sense of things, then surely there comes a time when they all turn into a pile of garbage. It’s annoying. Have to get some thing from the other thing, then second thing is again to put into one more thing! Too much and very inefficiently used the space. If this is your case, then you must understand that you need to upgrade your den. If you certainly want to accommodate in the garage is not only the machine, but also all sorts of ladders, wheelbarrows, paint cans, metal, tools, refrigerators with beer and the like. In General, take heed.

1. Start construction of garage in advance

It is best to begin immediately, even if you don’t have so much junk that you want to give your poor garage. Trust me, you have it still appear. Only now and then will be much more difficult to arrange, as necessary. Just, if you’ll have plenty of things at the time of the reconstruction of the garage, but you will have to store at home. Simply put, you will be very disturbed.

2. Install shelves

Cheap way to add storage space in the garage is to make an ordinary shelf made of wood. For example, you can get 12 boards with a length of 240 cm and place them along the garage. Do not have to fasten them all at once, you may not need as much space. Therefore, it is possible to take, for example, for 4 boards on each side.

Installing them is very simple. Simply fasten the corner bracket to each shelf. Use the 5 pieces on the same level – nothing a freebie, and think that two are enough. Fasten them with screws. To stay would be great.

3. Install racks for shovels, brooms, rakes, katana

Usually all this stuff that is so important for digging in the garden, throw into the corner of the garage, and then left outdoors to rust and rot. Respect the tools that have fed humanity for millennia, take their rightful place.

Need normal longitudinal durable piece (of wood or metal) which can be fixed along the garage, sverity or to drive her hooks in order to shamelessly hang of all the tools you. Each tool should hang separately. Save a place for those tools, which you have not yet, but that may appear in the future.

4. Do-it-yourself craft store

In fact, the «vault» is a frame with horizontal shelves, are perpendicular to each other and separated shelves. Get these kind of «cell». Which is very convenient to storage sundries.

If you do step by step, everything is quite simple. You only need the following things:

– screws (number of screws as the following, determined by how large your frame is and how many shelves);

– angle brackets;

– L-shaped brackets;

– drill;

– the boards themselves.

Split boards to the desired length. Put the resulting blank into the frame. Drilled pilot holes in the places of fastening, then the screws will go in easier. Once the frame is ready, and strengthen him with angle brackets that should be placed in each corner of the bottom part of the frame.

After all these manipulations start to add more shelves. First, count how many there should be «WTO» as they are supposed to be wide or high. This and outcome. Just winavi gradually shelves, reaching to the top. The size and material that you must use, should be selected purely on the parameters of your garage. There are times when a tree will not work, and it happens when the metal is not the place. It is better to consider it beforehand. When all the shelves are screwed with the screws, only need to fix the entire structure, using around 6 (depending on size of design) bottom corner brackets and the brackets will be safer on top.

5. Add shelving where you need it


In addition to wall shelves you can arrange a garage auxiliary racks. You can just buy some collapsible shelving unit in the store (now fully sold) and set in a convenient location. You can, of course, him and myself to do. When you glance around your garage, you will be surprised how much space you have.

6. Ceiling rack

If you want to score the housing to the most extreme, you can make a rack in the ceiling. It’s not that difficult, although you need a ladder. Again, we need angle brackets and a decent stand, you do not mind to mount to the ceiling. We would not recommend you this thing will fall down – will not find it. In addition, if your garage has a low ceiling, then a ceiling rack is meaningless. Although it is possible-fashioned way to hang a good strong chain to the ceiling and keep there for something easier.

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