How to bring the case started before the end of

Onegin house locked,

Yawning, took up the pen,

I wanted to write, but hard work

He was nauseous; nothing

Not out of his pen,

And don’t hit it in the inflammatory shop

People whom do not judge,

Then what belong to it…

– A. S. Pushkin

Alexander all the case is painted. How often banal laziness and unwillingness to finish the job destroys sustainable plans? If you were harder, he would’ve written a book or learned the language, and on the shoulders are not pressed if the burden is postponed for later tasks. But as Onegin will not help us, have to descend to the banal, but wise list of Lithgow.

Cross out unnecessary

Maybe all of that you do a lot of unnecessary cases that bother you? Sometimes for the sake of accomplishing a goal can be neglected in the traditional viewing of your favorite series or mindless surfing on the Internet. Anything outside the plan, to the state Duma that is… to hell.

Don’t make yourself

If the case causes a burning sensation, and pain, it is better to throw. Whatever good was not the intention nor what good it will not end. One thing – the feeling of reluctance to get down to business, which yesterday, the body charged with enthusiasm, and the other is aversion.

We are all prone to mood swings. Instead of trying to force yourself to do something, you should try to find positive things that will motivate.

For example, sometimes painfully want to leave work early, come home, drink beer and become weightless butterfly-teller, which suffers from a surfeit of hedonism in the blood, watching movies and funny pictures. But unfortunately, has accumulated a lot of things that you second a week later. You save and the heap growing and growing. But in those moments it is enough to imagine how much free time you have then, and how much better you feel without the extra load of responsibilities, walking down the street like John Travolta under Bee Gees. Just imagine brighter.

Do immediately

As soon as a painful desire to do something – let’s not put off for later. Try to bring the burning impulse to home and start to work with dedication. Even if time is not as much as I would like. It’s like the brilliant thoughts that come to mind in the morning and evaporates in 10 minutes after waking up.

And try to do everything at once, if that’s even possible. You know, inspiration is a capricious thing; tomorrow may not be.

And what is the goal?

Every time you feel the approach of laziness, remind yourself why this matters to you. I do not want to go to the gym? Come to the mirror, remind yourself that you drysch, and your 22 you still had a girlfriend. No matter what your goal is, even to enjoy it, constantly remind yourself about it. The only thing it needs to be clear and articulated. If there are no goals, or you realize that the effort is not worth it, so you don’t fucking need!

Give me motivation

Look at some motivational movie, buddy. For example, «rocky», because it was harder for you to beat the beef was not necessary. Or motivational book you read, or one of the PEP songs Yuri Loza. Who even meditates, waiting for that Zen will send a beam of enlightenment directly into the cerebellum.

Maybe you just give svistula to work began?

There is nothing to doubt

Some things are not brought to the end only because in the minds of doubts. «And whether I’m doing? And not laughed at me? Maybe I need to do something else? Understand quit what you started because of doubts, stupid. After all, you won’t come home if go on unfamiliar streets? Are you asking how to pass or look on the map (some even with paper).

And the answers to nagging questions (is not necessary), you’ll get only when it’s done.

Divide into equal parts

As he said Kozma Bars, «one cannot embrace the unembraceable and to push nevpihuemoe». If the case is not too tough, you have to split it into equal parts. For example, you decided to become a blogger today – wrote the script, tomorrow shot a video the day after tomorrow – assembled. The next day you’re wondering whether this shit to spread, and then the next day I read the comments and I scold myself for that thought to withdraw that.

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