How to break up with a girl?


Cute, cute, slim and good in bed — but not mine. Different interests and views on life. She promised nothing, she have already set up castles in the air. It would have been easy, but as soon as I suspected the unlikelihood of a successful continuation of the relationship, she insisted and did all that, we still tried to continue. All the complexity that it used to really hurt the boys and I spent a lot of time to get her adequate behavior, raise self-esteem and to cultivate a normal relationship to the opposite sex, explaining that not all the goats and they only want one thing…

Want the parting was painless for her and so she again took offense to all the guys (I do not amuse your self-esteem that I’m so important and it will be very hard to get over a breakup).

Dude! This story is as old as the world. I want to tell her that you don’t deserve her? You’re really busy at work? Oh come on! You’re the man! Re-enact your own death! However, for this you should be mutual friends or someone who can tell her that you’re actually alive and well.

Seriously, you should from an early age to understand that many of your decisions may offend or upset other people. But you should not try to please everyone. If she doesn’t want to leave, and you want the process painless to do. For example, I want to cut off your leg, and you certainly don’t want that. How can we make this process a joyous event for you? To develop leg gangrene, that you wanted to cut it off? It makes you feel better? Do you think that’s okay? I think not. In relationships as well. One of you will suffer from the fact that the relationship will end, or that they will continue. Dude, be a man. Just call and tell her about his decision. Spit on the defenders of morality, the stories about what should not happen with the call. Don’t try to be friends, brothers, sisters, members of the same party. Well think about it, suspension, and if you know what time to leave, do it without thinking about the moral side of this case. Because there no other way to find.

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