How to break down the door


Let’s think a bit, because, firstly, to break down the door — not the best way to open it. In the end, it will be broken, and to fix it — not a cheap pleasure. It is better to call a locksmith to remove the lock or try to climb out the window.

But let’s say that you were in an emergency situation. You’re in a burning house and needs to escape but the door is already on fire. Or your family are in a burning house and you’re locked. You can «play» with the castle, you must break the door! Or perhaps your favorite bad, she urgently needs medical help, and she’s locked in the room or in the house. What to do? Be a man, dammit! Break those doors! Because you always wanted to try.

How to break down the door

If you watched a lot of movies, you probably think that to break open doors very simple, and it can be done, harder pushing her shoulder? Wrong. Maybe this technique and it seems severgazstroy, but if you mindlessly Bang your shoulder on the door, you just dislocate it. Much more effective in this respect, the qualitative kick.

Check which way the door opens, examining the hinges. If the door opens itself, to break down its almost impossible. But if it opens away from him, was worth a try.

Push to where the lock (keyhole). This is the weakest part of the door.

Push the door out of five, guiding him to the castle area. Do not try to push the lock itself: it can lead to a broken leg.

The tree should begin to crack. Today most doors are made out of soft wood, inside they are empty. These doors are easy to break down, especially in the place of fastening of the lock of the total thickness, you can subtract 2-3 cm, which is a castle — in fact, there is a void. Old, solid, not hollow doors will be more stable. Keep pushing until the door would not yield, and you will be able to save their loved ones.

Avoid dispersal of strikes or assaults. You might want to repeat what you see in the movies, and make such a heroic gesture. However, remember in flight you could lose your balance and kick from such tricks will not become stronger, rather, quite the contrary.

That’s the story dudes. Break the door with the mind.

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