How to blunt to unknown companies

manygoodtips.com_27.09.2016_CIp7NsTS0tW0iIf you are active and cheerful, you often have to be in the company of strangers, very distant from your sphere of interests, from your life. In this regard, as you know, you can often hit a wall of rejection of the people around you and get from this wall is a lot of mental kicks. What you would not have been communicative, open and cheerful, a foreign company may still you to avoid.

In other words, this problem is absolutely not related to the possible closure. You just got to another environment that your personality has no good neighbourly relations. She’s not interested in your job, your Hobbies and your life. And it seems to be logical to hide, to get away from unfriendly company, but life is not so simple. This company might be your work team, family, girlfriend or friends the best friend who you’re going to a party. You want to or not, but you have to learn to coexist with these people. If you follow our recommendations, you will not only «his» in the camp of «enemies», but even get pleasure from the communication.

Find out who will be there

You should start with the simplest — «analysis of personal Affairs» of their future interlocutors. Today it is made easier to get — just ask the names to view personal pages on social networks. It will take no more than half an hour, if you know how to use the Internet a little better of his grandmother.

Why do it? In order to have at least a General idea about the people you will meet. Try to find out how they live, what interested in, what music you listen to. May, who is the groups of football fans, and you hate football, but just go to a party to the other, then look before going to the results of the matches and remember a few numbers. This will allow you to create an at the initial stage of the contact point, which can develop into a full-fledged conversation that will make you «her man».

Tell me about yourself in a nutshell

manygoodtips.com_27.09.2016_VhQBYxB3JXT3eWhen you meet people, they, how, will ask you: «how come more famous than you earn?». Perhaps these questions will not, but we must be prepared to give a clear, unequivocal answer to them. And it needs to be short. First, because you don’t want to share personal information with strange men. Second, if you start talking about yourself long and tedious, in the middle of his monologue you just stop listening. We saw this even in cases when a man told me very interesting things about his life.

The fact that people don’t need to know your whole biography, you’re a great specialist and in which countries managed to visit — such information should contribute to the conversation portions, so as not to put pressure on the interlocutors, perhaps boring life in the world. You just have to introduce myself so people know who they are dealing with. But delve nothing.

Keep it simple

The bad sides — it’s the people who all kind of show their difference from the team. They seem to say to all: «I read Kafka, Nietzsche and Dostoevsky, what I talk to you? Why would I be joking with such primitive creatures, huh?». The real degenerates, and convinced of their uniqueness. If you notice a similar (but even with him we notice it), it’s time to take a critical psychological setting of any joint activities — keep it simple.

Throw away your snobbery in the garbage disposal and start talking in the language that is accepted in a new company. At some point you realize that you are already alive and communicate with people who were strangers to themselves. Later you will accept the fact that in many ways they are much smarter than you.

Do not mess with the underground

In conversation with strangers, it is important to be on the same wavelength that the company acted as a single organism. This is very different from simple companionship, where all accept you for who you are. This is especially true in cases when you join an already established company, which has developed a system of interests: they talk exclusively about football, never discuss marriage issues and only listen to chanson.

If your goal is just to have a good time, then you somehow have to accept their rules of the game. Otherwise there will be no return, because this team is not interested in your love for David Lynch — they don’t even know him. Well, the point to discuss it during the evening? Just be the black sheep that no one is listening.

No joke, until the joke another

manygoodtips.com_27.09.2016_4bhUk5N9b75tpThree tomatoes walking down the street: Papa tomato, Mama tomato and son tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. Papa tomato get angry, goes to her son, presses him and says «Catch up, ketchup!».

– Pulp fiction –Last but not least, the Council. Seriously, patience with my jokes. There’s nothing worse than telling a joke no one laughed. You’ve probably thought up in advance, memorized in every way prepared, and even said with an expression that was worthy of Anthony Hopkins. Usually when a joke so cook something on it no one laughs. And it’s very bad when a joke no one laughs.

Keep in mind that among your friends you can be the funniest person in the world, but it is only among friends, and nowhere else. So enough joking, let someone joke you. Appreciate the response and compare it with your skills of a comedian. Maybe you’d better not play with fire, or, on the contrary: you will understand in what direction you need to joke, and this will be valuable information to any party humor brings.

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