How to behave with the girl if you’re ugly

manygoodtips.com_2.04.2015_FXChuNkdw2UWmDude, if you somehow warps the fact that you’re below your lover (or this fact bothers her, because girls love to show off in heels, thinking that they are beautiful), then I advise you to listen, and to be more precise, to belong to the tips outlined here. The man who wrote it, is unlikely to ever rise above their 1,66. But he was not discouraged, and all in his personal life well. Proof throw will not, you don’t need them. Moreover, its growth should be proud of. And now I’ll try to explain why.

Many ladies are attracted to tall, big men with big hands (not bare bones), healthy teeth and growth of under 3 meters. It’s all animal instinct, is based on the belief that a large male will give a good offspring. Possibly, you have some problems with the female attention. It is really easy to be attractive, when nature gave you good looks, face a La Hugh Jackman. And you try to be appealing, when from the pot 3 inches. Harder? No such feature – it’s damn stereotype! In the end, it’s not you’re too low and too high. In the middle ages, so in General the average growth of a good, respected man was no taller than a meter seventy. Just say that you are a man of the Renaissance. Himself. Think about your disadvantages as advantages. In the end, they distinguish you from the grey mass of society. Everything, absolutely Everything can be used to your benefit. Most importantly, do not complain, and to love yourself for who you are, in every sense, even the most direct.

Please refer to the examples

Remember that Alexander Tsekalo? In the 90s he moved his fat body low in the company of his wife Lolita. Then Lola was extremely beautiful, and it seemed that in their family – calm and idyllic, until the infidelity is not raspolovinit their personal life. Guess who betrayed whom? Right, Sasha. And now he is a successful producer of all that is possible to produce.

In times of repression and stupid comedies with Lyubov Orlova, the musical Olympus «» reigned composer Isaac Dunaevsky – no taller than Gimli, looks a little nicer monkeys. However, despite this «unearthly beauty», men from the Soviet Bohemia knew, from whom it is necessary to hide their wives. So, how many marriages he spoil – not to describe.

Oh, and Louis de Funes. The same story, and with Isaac Iosifovich, only from his excessive love affected the whole of French High society.

And best of Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin’s height was 1,65. By the way, you are unlikely to find somewhere six-foot astronaut. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the world has not seen a single astronaut with the Scandinavian countries.

Fools we don’t need

Most notably: if a woman complex about your looks, then she is narrow-minded idiot, and she, in General, do not care about the relationship more important than, what you would say. If your lady do not care, and she quietly goes with you into the light – be proud! You were lucky. You visited so rare in our time, the vicious phenomenon of love. If you love, no matter what you think about the public. Importantly, you don’t worried about your appearance, like Quasimodo, growth, as Mr. Baggins and weight, as moms admin. Hahaha! (I know, so fashionable now a joke, could not resist not to write it.)

Work on yourself

But don’t forget that you need to work on yourself. Some girls don’t wear heels because it’s embarrassing for you personally. Don’t worry, at least her chest is under your relentless control, and not have to raise his head. And what do you care what people think. Suddenly some guy of normal build and height, seeing you with envy and think: «Damn, this Karlan/fat ass has a girlfriend, and I don’t have!» Yes, it happens.

Most importantly, don’t forget to look after themselves. To be drischu at his, to put it mildly, nevydumannye growth is highly profitable. The appearance of Gollum, of course, fun, but it is unlikely your girlfriend will be a long time to stand. Everyone will spit on your height, if you have shoulders in the width of the railway platform. Just think: «Perhaps, dear man.»

A friend of mine who suffers from excess body fat (I mean its fullness, and not addicted to this delicacy; the text is devoid of politics), has come up with a cunning scheme to how to get a girlfriend, he sweat drops diligently kilos. Well, after the lady got in his tenacious cunning namolennaya trainer hands, he takes up the old and back to gluttony. Take note of this.

And remember: the main problem of your failings that you yourself are shy. Shoulders back, head up. Confidence – do stuff is incredibly contagious. If you go with eyes burning, few will pay attention to your height and weight. Here we take the same Gagarin. Know why he seem so powerful? Because he was in perfect physical condition, right. What else? Well, thanks to the newsreels. But really all this stuff. The thing is, the way he behaved: confidently, boldly, beautifully – the silhouette man-a butterfly, not otherwise. You might be in the cosmos will never fly, but in the world there are many other reasons to be proud of. Think about your personal small victories. Well, for example, how do you discreetly wiped his dirty hand on the coat of brazen ladies in public transport and the like.

The mind is the most beautiful on

Once, in ancient times, an old, hunched, one-eyed sage, who was walking around town and saw a young man surrounded by beautiful virgins, enthusiastically looking at him. The boy was playing muscles and vengeance adorned a gift given to him by nature, and ladies with greed and delight devouring eyes of his bright face, Golden curls and a bold body. Sage broke down and started a devious plan to punish a «rooster». He went to the crowd, pulled by the hair of girls and beat the boy with a stick. To the question: «Uncle, why are you?» – he answered: «Beauty is not in appearance but in mind.» And all the maidens followed him into the barrel, where it three hours hunted them the old jokes with «», and the Virgo now admiringly looking at him. What does this mean? About women’s inconstancy and that ladies love a winner. Oh, and that sharp mind and natural charm will always overshadow all the disadvantages. Smart women love smart men, so if you want to be happy, to evolve. This is actually the easiest way.

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