How to behave with a jealous girlfriend

what to do if she gets jealous

I don’t know why they take it, but some of our friends really believe that men are willing to sleep with the first counter femaleness: with a colleague, a waitress or the lady who accidentally ran past you in shorts. Understand how you want to respond to these fits of jealousy. The next time she would meet his hurdy-gurdy, remember our advice.

1. Don’t call her crazy

This is very important. If you call a woman crazy, she is crazy. She feels insecure, she realizes that behaves strangely, and if you in the forehead tell her rudeness, she did lose control of himself. Even if your friend behaves, to put it mildly, silly, you’d be prudent to respond to this accusation did not escalate into a big fight.

2. Put yourself in her place

You don’t know how developed her past relationships: perhaps one of the former was a jerk and cheated on her. If you suspect that it is because of this, it starts to evaluate the expression on your face every time you pass by a beautiful girl, just talk to her. Tell her that her fears are groundless and that you feel embarrassed if you do something suspect. And this should be done not when she’s pissed. Then, when the friend will calm down and be himself again, to clarify for her that you, first, don’t treat her like her former, and secondly, you don’t cheat. You see, the problem will be solved.

3. Change your behavior

If you’re used to talking on the phone, going into another room and then come back and say: «tomorrow I meet with the guys» then she thinks you’re probably going to go to the bar to pick up girls. If its a question of who the message is from, you answer «no one» when on the big screen of your smartphone you can clearly see a woman’s name, is also suspicious. Jealousy is born from insecurity. Trust me, they may be uncertain for a long time; to overcome this, sometimes it takes years. So no need to give her reasons for insecurity is to keep secrets from her, and always something to hide. This will only aggravate the problem, not solve it.

what to do if she gets jealous

4. Let him meet with the «enemy»

Sometimes, when she listens to your stories about a new colleague, she is it a clone of Angelina Jolie, and here it is difficult to remain calm. In other words, when she does not know the enemy in the face, it involves imagination — women have a very rich imagination. If your friend will meet with this coworker and see her wedding ring, she will calm down. And Yes, don’t forget to repeat that your friend is much prettier.

5. Unless «enemy» is not your ex

Especially if the former is even nothing. No friend wants to know anything about the former and even more so to meet them, especially when your relationship began recently. Or if you lived with another woman. Or if the former beautiful, funny and successful. Or if she has two eyes, hair, both arms and both legs. Your friend thinks you have good taste, since you chose it, but if you still hang out with your ex why you broke up? Know ex-girlfriend with his new girlfriend, at least don’t do it immediately.

6. Cute messages in social networks

When you say marital status Vkontakte or draw her somehow of the heart on the wall, it be nice. So she will know that you’re glad to be with her, proud of it and not hide it from anyone of your relationship. And it should, in her opinion, to deter you from all the women who earlier were interested in you. Be a romantic fool, so she’s not worried — it’s worth it.

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