How to behave with a girl on people

Spring. The snow melted, the wind blew bear’s embarrassed to Wake up. Here’s a crap spring. Even the cats do not yell under the window, but in spite of this, here and there on the cold horizon, one can see two twitching tubercle. This couples in love suck in plain sight. Was Ootmarsum, you know, rolled out into the street and now go, keep showing up. Don’t know is how to behave in public properly.

Hugging and kissing

manygoodtips.com_23.03.2016_uhxFy7LrgZNvWThe main and most urgent issue. The thoughts of man are divided into two parts: some consider it indecent, others – quite a nice sight. Among the first is full of those who think that decent people their feelings, not put on display, and generally, nothing of the language in the eyes of the people to cross. And there are those who are just jealous, because the only thing they ever kissed is my grandmother’s cheek. We, of course, there is the madness of tolerance, and it seems like you need to stop showing your feelings in public.

But there is such a strange thing as etiquette and the proper etiquette of kissing on people not at least because to do something intimate (and kiss – it is especially intimate) people are not accepted. In our opinion, there is nothing unnatural, even kissing, just not in the middle of the sidewalk. But the fact is that most of the people this behavior is not like that. For example, when I eats each other at the supermarket, the couple approached the guard and asked to relocate to the street so as not to violate public order. So no need to freeze in a passionate kiss in the middle of the intersection, Playground and supermarket. People don’t like that, and bravado in the style of «we have nothing to hide» leave with him. All the shit that you feel, until you enrage people. Especially in this your «passion» there is nothing sweet, more reminiscent of a cheap show. Do arms, or at least careful kisses, no need to nibble individuals. Depart less noticeable place or walk in the evenings, when, in addition to the pals and the police, no one. In the end, nobody cancelled the last rows in cinemas. Kissing on the first row – it is indecent, and the last – as usual.

In a public place

Public transport is also a place where there are people. To eat the saliva of each other there is also not necessary. All the rules you as a gentleman should give a lady a place to stand, bending over her, listening to her silly stories.

Leaving the tram, be sure to give the lady a hand, show everyone what a gentleman. Don’t forget to open before the lady door is the rule forever, like the World ocean. But remember that in the Elevator rules.

And, of course, do not forget that the restaurant for the lady you pay. And as the old saying goes, who the girl has supper, that and dances it. Just do not «dance» right meals, catering is not designed for this, even suck a single strand of spaghetti like in the cartoon «Lady and the Tramp» very well.

The company our brother’s one problem: it’s how we behave with a girl on people. For example, introduce her to my friends. Don’t forget that you have to submit, not her. You don’t have to water it with compliments, as from a garden hose, because you didn’t come to the exhibition name of your love. Yes, this kind of presentation, but it would be better to do without narration.

The most disgusting in joint gatherings is when some bastard starts to release barbs and dirty jokes about their ladies. It is at least despicable and inappropriate. There is nothing funny, and the only thing you will achieve is the confirmation of his honorary title of «jerk».

Publicly criticize or tell the lady at the errors is not worth it. If something embarrassing in her behavior, tell her ear. If the lady broke up, began to behave inappropriately, like Madonna in concert, and thus does not understand the Russian language, do not rush to beat him, better take him aside and talk to her seriously. If after that, she arranges a scandal, send her to hell.

But remember to adjust your lady need to behave decently and not to overreact, especially in a new company. Girl needs help to settle.

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