How to behave in the Comedy club

Nowadays, the Comedy club almost every major city. We, the editors sincerely hope that you’re kidding in all these clubs the truth is funny, otherwise, why would to go there and know how to behave.

The most interesting and awaited part of the show — stand-up. For those who don’t know what a stand-up and explain what a stand-up comedian stands in front of a room full of strangers — very different people, and it needs to laugh at least two-thirds of the public. This is not a simple matter, and any monster can easily ruin just by their behavior. The show went well, a comic has to constantly focus and you can’t disturb him.

Actually, to fully enjoy the Comedy club, you must know the rules of conduct. You could even say that the «club» — not the best name for what we’re talking about. Stand-up is theater with four walls (instead of the usual three and of the veil). Rules of conduct for visitors developed taking into account this specificity is not stupid, this was done, in General, and not from the ceiling, all these things took. And we even do not doubt.

The cornerstone: light and sound

Mobile phones. Unplug them or began to vibrate. Never answer your phone during the show. If the matter is urgent, find a place somewhere outside the hall and pogovor there.

Communication. Prigovarivaya quietly and for no longer than thirty seconds in a row. The voices are distracting, you can hear it even through music. Let others listen to the show, your friends are not going anywhere — you will be able to discuss with them all an hour later.

Bluetooth headset. Turn it off. The flashing light you so adorns and makes remotely similar to terminator. Mercy stand-up artist.

Take the picture without flash. It’s distracting and desorientiert all around.

Don’t interrupt the speaker. When the artist interrupted, it interrupts the show and distracts attention from who is on stage. This is unacceptable and threatens the entire show. And you can humiliate in front of everyone?nice?

Do not interrupt the speech of the artist. Usually all say this: «I’m only helping». Stand-up artists — masters of their craft, and they don’t need help. She just leads the show with the intended trajectory and spends time in the same way as when you want to interrupt the comedian. Exception: If the artist was drawn to you, that is when you’re supposed to react. And so are born the best jokes, and it can be an unforgettable experience. But don’t expect that you will apply all night.

Standard rules

Don’t tape the show. Here is exactly the same as with the performances of musicians: recording violates copyright. If we are talking about young artists, teaching their records show the Internet can and does ruin their career.

It is not necessary to show feelings in public. The Comedy club is no place for such visits.

Leave for the tea service personnel. The waitresses in the Comedy club are no different from waitresses in other places: the main source of income is tips. Other employees are getting on tea. Standard tip amount is 15-20% of the check amount.

Respect the wait staff. The best way to quickly depart from the institution — a disrespectful treatment of staff. When talking with an employee of the institution, be polite.

Respect the rules of the club. Rules each club may have their own. Important rules, such as minimum drink, usually write or pronounce, but the rest you know already along the way. I repeat: read the rules of the club.

Special etiquette

Dress code. Before stand-up was the abode of the suits: that affected both the artist and audience. This rule was abolished everyone’s favorite George Carlin in the distant seventies. Now it is quite normal to come back and less formal, but still look sloppy is not an option. Here we approximate podnapisi costumes to go to a Comedy club.

What to wear

  • Clothing that fits you well and is in good condition.
  • A good pair of jeans, and even better — pants or khaki pants.
  • T-shirt with a sprinkle print, shirt for bowling or Golf, Polo or, even better, an ordinary shirt.
  • Any versatile jacket.
  • Try to keep your appearance blends seamlessly with the clothes of others. If your girlfriend decided to wear a stunning cocktail dress, dress in costume. If your friends are wearing Golf shirts, please don’t tie the tie.
  • The usual costume is the gold standard.

What not to wear

  • Dirty, wrinkled, torn clothes.
  • Stupid bandanas and different, you’ll look like street punks.
  • Baggy clothes, clothing of the wrong size.
  • Athletic clothing.
  • Camouflage texture.
  • Slates.
  • The three-piece suit. It’s a killer.

Security. Doormen, bouncers, security — these guys are all different, it all depends on each particular club. Of course, that will be enough. Some are rude, others are polite and tactful, but any of them should not quarrel. Even if they tell you:

Calm down and listen. Security won’t give you morality. He just points to the problem that you may not realize. All right.

Do not go, if he’s not talking to you — even in the case when he talks with your mate. The only thing he wants the guard to your friend behaved decently.

If someone annoys you. Action at its discretion. It is best to call security, than to sort things out: the result will throw both of you and will not understand.

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