How to behave in emergency situations

Porada.kom.ua_12.05.2015_rSg2s1N79x9JtSometimes it seems that life is so heavy and complicated that it is easier to lie down on the bed and doing nothing, wait until after you come Reaper. All around is fraught with danger. Even wildlife. However, not all so is terrible. Of any situation, as is usually the case, there is a way. Only his need to study. So caring to give you some detailed advice. In explanation of the lessons.

1. I’m in the crowd, an angry sticking out…


The main problem of any major rock festival (except for hygiene, of course) is a mass stampede. Only remember «Woodstock-99», where the rumble of thunder and music was dominated by tyranny, violence and huge traffic jams. Or, for example, you stand for yourself and peacefully rallying near the state hard, irritating a caring government and police harmless. And then suddenly decided to disrupt the rally, activists together, and the frightened crowd, thinking that enough with these games in the revolution, begins to thrash from side to side, trampling the weak and nondescript. In General, a lot of reasons. But you ask me what to do?

The most important thing is not to panic. Panicked, you turned to wreaking havoc monkey up trouble. Most importantly, try to stay on your feet is the key to survival. As soon as you are down, count, all is lost.

Some citizens will be setting a bad example of succumbing to fear and running without looking back. Clearly, it is not our method.

Crush isn’t the best place to boast. To show their position and go against the crowd is not worth it. Move with the crowd in the General direction, otherwise the sea of human bodies will trample you in the best traditions of French cinema. At the same time, moving in one direction with rapid human herd, try to move diagonally to the edge. This is the easiest way to leave the stampede.

But if the resist does not work, the human material still knocked to the ground and Wake up does not work, take a defensive stance, picking up his feet and covering his head with his hands. Send head in the direction of the crowd below you is not hit and try all the forces on his feet, making the body jerk and his hand on my knee.

If a kid or woman, then you are lucky because they can hide behind… just Kidding. You’re like my grandma says, «gentilmen», therefore, must ensure their exit from the crowd. Preferably painless, but this is how it goes. Child possible should be put on the neck, and a woman better be in front of him, so she won’t get a sharp jolt in the back, you’re always going to keep her in sight and in case of a fall can help. Well, or use it as a platform on which you can run… No, don’t do that. If the child is not years big, or you just drysch and are not able to carry him on his shoulders, let the child in front of him, as a woman.

I agree, there is nothing glorious in such a death: the inside outwards, the dirt, the blood, instead of the body – pad. So self – control and compliance with safety- the key to a successful survival within the nervous society.

2. I got into the open field in a thunderstorm…


If you hope to gain psychic abilities after a close acquaintance with the lightning, you can skip this paragraph. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the Kingdom of heaven to you. Just the facts, Venemaa proverbial phrase «statistically» speak eloquently of that in the world from contact with the lightning losing 3,000 people per year. The chance is definitely there, as the chance to find a magical chakra that allows you to converse with spirits and to take part in the «Battle of psychics.» But «fry» in the fresh air all do not want, and a big risk.

So now, with the advent of heat, will begin the sinister and the beautiful abundance of nature called rain. Reveal a terrible secret, but it’s not Thor driving his chariot drawn by a wild boar from Asgard. Is a brief electrical discharge between a thundercloud and the ground, between two clouds, or between parts of one cloud. For demonic clouds lit up with electrical discharges, it is better to observe from home (after closing the Windows and turning off the computer, as my grandmother taught). But if the storm caught on the street, or in the open field, at the barbecue, or when you took the mail to the neighboring village, then do the following.

First, don’t be afraid to get wet. If lightning towards the earth’s surface and touches you, then the likelihood of fatal shock in wet clothes will be less than in the dry, since the first better it conducts electricity.

Probably seen in movies that the lightning always strikes high objects: bell towers, trees, poles. Do not approach him at close distance.

In General, being on the plain, you yourself can become such a «lightning rod». Therefore, it is best to squat and, if you have the opportunity to hide in the hollow. In any case, don’t lower your ass down and get down! That’s way worse. If lightning strikes nearby, the discharge is spread on the ground, maybe at the same time to pass through you.

In no case do not disclose an umbrella. The spokes of the umbrellas, usually made of metal. And about the relationship between electricity and metal, I think, to tell no need. So that they can play the role of antenna. When the troops of Hannibal crossed the Alps, a violent thunderstorm, and on the points of their spears were raging Hellfire. They thought it was a good sign, they say, the Gods on their side, bless the weapon with Holy fire. The results of the campaign you can read in the history books.

During the approach of a thunderstorm, stay away from power lines and tall single trees, especially oaks and poplars. It is believed that most lightning strikes the oak, at least – poplar, spruce, pine and much less birch, maple, Linden and other trees.

I think it is not necessary to explain that during a thunderstorm it is better to stop and not to continue driving on a motorcycle or Bicycle. In the bus.

Some people like to swim during a thunderstorm, but we do not recommend. Don’t forget that water is an excellent conductor, so don’t be surprised if the discharges will cheer you up during water treatment. It’s actually very dangerous, for if not killed at the first contact, it can deprive of consciousness. But unconscious people don’t float, they sink.

If you’re in a boat, do not forget that you’re the tallest object on the water surface. So get down as I could, and rowed to the shore.

3. I’m stuck under the ice, I’m drowning…


The worst thing that can happen to you in the winter? Yes, anything, until hypothermia and the baptism in the hole. But we hope you don’t fall asleep drunk in the snow. And the failure of the ice no one is safe. In truth creepy. First of all, you need not to risk and not to go on the ice when rescuers are not allowed. But there are also surprises. And if you don’t Azog the Defiler from the trilogy «the Hobbit», is able to jump directly from the ice thickness, then these tips can tell you need.

Out necessary only in the direction from which you came, because if you’re passed, so the ice is strong and you will be able to withstand. To get out, lean both palms on the edge, gather strength and try to push himself out of the water on the ice surface. It does not need a lot of strength, you know, in the water everything becomes easier. Can you compare it to how you came by on a boat or raft out of the water.

There is another way: get out of the water right arm to the shoulder (or the left – depends are you a Lefty or a righty) and putting on the ice, use it as a prop. It is important that one hand could bring to the ice a little further than both. Now try to throw on the ice right foot (or left). This should be done sharply and with force to move the center of gravity of a body of water on the ice surface. Once on the edge of a hard surface, quickly perekalivatsja in the direction of the strong edges as possible from a dangerous place! Roll, like you just got thrown from the car.

If you can’t get, and outerwear already wet, try to get her out of the water. Because when wet it will be heavier by almost three times and will serve you the same service that the armor the unfortunate Teutonic knights. As soon as the clothes dropped, try again, until complete loss of strength. First, you can not be in ice water in a static position, and secondly, don’t give up. You are more useful to the country.

As soon as I get out, in spite of everything take off your wet clothes and wring it out properly. It would be good to have a spare set, but who wears it?

Start the «spin» of hat, then torso, then legs. Be sure to cover the head. Through an uncovered head loses up to 50 percent of the heat. The less water there is in the fabric clothes, the faster it will heat up and the faster you will start again to keep the heat of the body.

If you’re single, then try to move. Build a bonfire, yell, twitch. You need a heat source. If you have friends, let will be engaged in equipment of a camp.

By the way, «ingest» is meaningless. Will only kill the already suffered the nervous system. Best women’s warm heat. No kidding. Women of the Northern peoples, often in ways warmed the cold miners. So sometimes on the ice fishing without a woman can not do. And best of all, «tavshil» and «rasterises», forcing a friend to take you to civilization.

4. I am one lost in the woods…


A classic situation. The good woods, the world is rich. Of course, first of all should not meddle in the thicket, if you don’t know her. Well, when it is poked or turned off the trodden paths and get lost, stay calm. Here’s what you need to do.

Determine one direction in which going to go. To do this you measure by the sun (in our hemisphere at one o’clock the sun is always South). And at night there is nothing to roam in the forest thickets. Note: even though it the forest but you will not be a magical fairy, fawn and says the unicorn. A witch will shelter you in his house on the edge of the forest. If you found in the woods of new magical friends, remember that these mushrooms are not edible.

Try to go to the tower operators and when you see the phone signal immediately report any problems to the families and the police. And anyone.

Moving through the woods, leave a trail: tie bright pieces of cloth or pack to the branches of trees, break off branches, put them in a pile of stones or twigs. In General, let people know that there was a civilization. However, this does not mean that you need to build fires and cut down trees.

Most importantly, keep your ears open, and then suddenly near – railway track or route. And it is much easier to go to the village. Your humble servant in his time wandered in the company of friends in the woods near a glorious chemical city of Dzerzhinsk. Of course, we got lost. But due to the fact that one of our friend had sensitive hearing, and he heard the noise of the cars, we went out on the road. Although others claimed that it was the wind. By the way, pay attention for signs of civilization: bottles, magazines, packages. If a lot of them, so people in the neighborhood. For example, we understand that salvation is near when found spattered dalnoboyschitskimi seed magazine.

If wandering has led you to the river, go downstream. Otherwise, you will run into a swamp – forest rivers originate there. When moving downstream, more likely to come to the village or the village – settlements are usually located along rivers. Forest river can lead to a larger river, along which, too, need to move the above method. And can lead to a wild boar. That’s how lucky.

If you came upon a fisherman’s or hunting house, it is better not to leave: the search team examined them in the first place, along with roads and other landmarks. Probably this shack will be your magic cabin fairies.

If you’re lost in the dark, build a fire, boil some tea and ponder the current situation. If there is no tea, still sit around the campfire. So cozy and warm. Remember the special features of the route: rivers, lakes, ravines, unusual trees. If hands grow from the right place, to build a roof from branches, this is particularly useful in the rain. Oh, and about the fire don’t forget. One of a kind. It is not only warm, but also feeds, allows you to dry clothes, protects.

Hearing at night, the noise of cars or trains, do not have to indulge in pursuit of the sound – the transport is not in place and may be forced to run around in a circle. Besides, in the dark it is impossible to remember the path, and the more likely you will exacerbate the situation. Determine for yourself where you heard the noise, and then let’s go in this direction with the dawn.

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