How to behave in a strip club


If you don’t have a girlfriend, dude, you probably from time to time used to go to a strip bar. Maybe you have never had to visit this intriguing place and you’re just planning your trip there? In any case, at least once in life every man needs to go to a strip club: that is to recall later, even though children are, of course, do not tell.

To get pleasure from this venture to the fullest, it is important to yourself not to spoil the party. It turns out that in strip-tease bars, as in all other public places, there are unwritten rules of conduct that must be followed to avoid the embarrassment. Here they are.

1. Don’t act like a fool. When you go to a men’s institution, not to behave like a pig. Never be rude to dancers, DJs, waiters and, of course, the bouncers, because they can teach you how to behave. In the end burgazada idiots are always behind the door, and not the most pleasant way. Again: don’t act like a fool — so it will be pleasant for you and others.

2. Always give the dancers a tip, if you sit close to the stage. If you sit in the first row and do not give the girls a tip, it would be like to stand in a queue in the dining room and in the end not to take the food, but only to detain those who stand behind you. Maybe you didn’t know, but the main part of the salary of the dancers — their tips and it would be like a pig to deprive them of their salaries. Strip bars is considered bad form to sit in front of the stage and not tip me, the same goes for the private dances. And remember: if you’re stingy on tea, the DJ’s will take and announce into the microphone — don’t be greedy, greed is not for men.

3. Remember that you are not in a brothel. Dancers are not prostitutes. Well, at least not all. When you go to the strip club, don’t expect that you’ll find a girlfriend there for the night. Of course you can try your luck but in 99% of cases this idea is doomed to failure. Just hack to death is on the nose, and then go buy your own drinks and a lap dance or two and enjoy (do not forget that it is not necessary to behave like a fool).

4. Don’t try to get the staff drugs. Don’t ask no dancers or DJs about where to get drugs. First, it is illegal and you have no idea: what if somewhere in here is a police officer and to listen around. Second, even if you promise to sell something, you risk (as always with drugs): the worse drug can only be razmozjenia what sort of drugs is definitely not good for you. And the net is unlikely.

5. Wear appropriate clothing. So even wear any pants stacherski, in the end. There is nothing more idiotic than a man over thirty in sweat pants, sitting in a strip bar. In most normal clubs have dress codes and you certainly not miss inside, if you’re smart enough to wear sportstony or shorts. But in clubs that are below level will be allowed for virtually anyone who will pay at the entrance a couple of hundred rubles. But remember, dude, even excess of two hundred at the entrance won’t save you from the dirty looks and sarcastic smiles.

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