How to behave during uncomfortable meetings

awkward meeting

In life very often there are awkward situations, for example when you go to the store for pads for his girlfriend and met the neighbor. We believe such situations are uncomfortable because we don’t know how to behave. Here’s a few tips: what to say when meeting different not the most pleasant people. Now life will be much easier!

A friend haven’t spoken

If you greet an old friend long lost touch, it can be awkward because of the fact that you stopped to chat, was the reason (he fell in love with your girlfriend or Vice versa; you’ve grown up, and he’s not).

What to do: it is best to behave just. Remember the old days, discuss interesting moments of your past life and keep a light conversation. You can ask questions about the joint friends to spice up the conversation. At the end of the exchange e-mail addresses in the event that you had a way to communicate. Can you give him my card, if you have it.

Your ex (if you have a new girlfriend)

It is obvious that your reaction to the meeting will depend on how the breakup went, and the former can never be finished. How to behave based on your past cases?

If the breakup was not amicable,and just nod her hand, he was also learned and noticed, and that’s enough. If you nod to her, she will understand that you don’t deliberately turn away and ignore her, but nod at the same time will give her a signal that you would like to stay away from her. Then you can explain to your new friend that this is your ex — it is better to let him find out from you than from other people (or prevent them all to talk to her about your ex, but I don’t understand why to do it).

If the breakup was amicable, introduce his ex-girlfriend with his new girlfriend, introduce them by name, but you can’t tell exactly what you have your ex: so the situation will be less awkward. However, about your new girlfriend must speak very specifically to, first, your ex-you never claimed, and second, do not ask you stupid questions like, «Found yourself someone?» Later explain to your girlfriend that you saw your ex. Remember: in a long story to start is not necessary. No time for memories.

Boss (outside of work)

To meet the boss outside work can be awkward because you’ll see a bit of the personal lives of each other.

What to do: You may be uncomfortable, but to ignore it is impossible, unless you drink — in this case, stay away from him. Otherwise, take the initiative and say Hello, and then introduce him to his companions. It is not necessary to talk about work, just keep the small talk, and then your meeting will end soon.

A friend’s parents (the first time)

Your mission in this situation — make them think that you are worthy of their daughter. However, sometimes it is not so easy. At least found the Foundation of future success.

What to do: bring a gift (wine, chocolates, flowers), if you go to visit them. Offer to pay the bill if you dine in the restaurant. As for talking, focus on them: let them tell you what they liked about their daughter, answer the following questions about yourself and your family. You don’t need to describe in detail his life (it is better to leave it for a period of more familiarity), it is necessary that they gave you a General idea: what you do, where did you study and who your parents are.

New guy your ex (and you don’t have a girlfriend)

It’s not so awkward as it may seem. Remember: you do not have any relation to it. He’s with her now, and you were with her before.

What to do: be confident and not interested in it: it’ll throw them both out. Do not brag, and don’t set them against themselves intentionally.

Someone you know but can’t remember the name

If you can’t remember the name of the familiar person, it’s infuriating: can you get caught on this, and will be uncomfortable.

What to do: if you’re with friends, even if they are served separately, so you will have a chance to hear the name of this mysterious person. If you’re on your own, but just General questions, «Do all in the same place?» Let fills in the gaps in your memory. Can ask someone of our mutual friends, he continues to maintain contact.

The father of your girlfriend in a strip club

It is very awkward, but less awkward than it seems. Why? You’re both there, and it means that both of you awkward, and mutual awkwardness eventually neutralize the situation.

What to do: First, say Hello, after the first step will be much easier. Get him a drink, talk on General topics, however, to buy him a dance still not worth it (it would be too weird). Not your best night, but if he’ll lay, you will automatically burn himself.

It is important to know how to be

Know what you’re thinking: all these tips are good, but I don’t remember when the moment comes. Maybe it will. If the head did not come, just relax, breathe deeply and give yourself a moment to think. Trust me: you need knowledge, do you have to remember.

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