How to behave at the table

how to behave at the table

Today we will tell you something more serious than things from the «don’t put your elbows on the table» and «chew with your mouth closed». Of course, without it will not be missed: it’s a classic. But I promise you, a set of rules is defined and strict.

Why rules of behavior at the table have a value

I remember in school I had classes on etiquette. We went to sit at the table to put the plates and all that jazz. I don’t know why we have been taught. Who I asked, everyone said that this subject was not. But now I am pleased to participate in the various official uses of food.

I understand that compliance with the dining Protocol allows you to both relax, do it right, not paying attention to their actions, and have fun. When you know the rules, you don’t feel the embarrassment and prejudice at the table, you’re spared from having to ask stupid questions from the «What to do with it?». You can just enjoy the meal.

Why it is necessary to observe the etiquette

When I began to appear periodically the need to eat in public places, I noticed that many don’t have the slightest idea about the rules of behavior at the table. This so impressed me that I don’t even know how to Express it. Rules of conduct at the table was given to me from school days. We still eat three times a day, and this should be done so as not to bring others into depression.

At least follow these four rules:

Watch the master of the house

If you do everything exactly as it is, it will help you to avoid embarrassment in 95% of cases. It’s not hard to start is when everyone starts to use the same Cutlery — this is a guarantee of success. However, constantly staring at others is not the point. So you won’t be able to relax and enjoy dinner.

Chew with your mouth closed and not talk with your mouth full

So, still have this problem. Some types of chew without closing his mouth and showing its contents to others. If you have something to say, I swallow what’s in your mouth. To always be ready to talk, do not fill your mouth, let it be quite a bit of food — literally one bite. Over are the days when people crammed mouth so quickly sated. Your food is nowhere on you can not escape

You can serve food to mouth, not mouth to food

Don’t lean the plug, and especially to the plate, nagrebaja food into your mouth, almost like a shovel. Carry food in the mouth — a distance of not more than 20 cm, it is easy to overcome. Sit up straight, not agrebi a spoon or fork too much food trays and Cutlery straight into the mouth. And never drink from bowls.

Say «thank you», «please» and «excuse me»

These little words are really magical and you need to use them freely.

The first rule of etiquette — know who you’re having lunch, and boarding of guests

You have to be prepared. If you are invited to the official reception, you need to know how many people will be and generally what to expect. Dress appropriate, well, if it’s a working meeting, it is important to look professional. This shows respect for the host, besides, the impression can be very important.

If you go to somebody’s house, bring some small gift: flowers or a bottle of wine. If you go for lunch to a close friend, you should know what you can do. Maybe he’ll ask you to buy a dessert cake or something like that. Show up on time, but not earlier than ten minutes before the appointed time: conducted final preparations.

Informal lunch

Have in mind that there is no specific time when a group of people should sit at the table and begin the sharing of food. For example, picnics and barbecues: people come, eat and leave at any time. Here the rules of table manners are much more relaxed, however there are several points that you should pay attention to.

1. You take a serving of medium size

It is unpleasant to discover that you are able to eat only half the food that lies before you on a plate, and someone with your zeal has not got some food. You can at any time take Supplement: only in bulk, besides, it’s always a compliment to the person who made the arrangements.

2. Don’t dip the piece twice in the General sauce

If you like it so much, put the sauce on the plate, so as not to spread their germs.

3. Do not cut all the meat from

If you fried something really big, cut yourself and everyone around pieces just one at a time, then cut off again. Otherwise, the meat will be dry.

4. Get a

Need some reasons?

Informal meeting at the table

how to behave at the table

You sit at the table, eating and talking. Business meetings, Easter and Christmas dinners and things like that. Here for everyone already-designed space. The main indication is: all things are placed and laid out around the plate: fork on the left, spoons and knives on the right. Start using Cutlery from the outside in: first we take extreme device, then the one after, etc. a Glass of water is usually more than a glass of wine.

Formal lunch

how to behave at the table

When you come to a formal dinner, do you have to wear a suit and in many cases a black tie. I won’t get into too much detail: you can find this information on other sites. Just say, don’t worry if you’re invited. You can learn all the basics in practice just a half hour. The picture is attached.



A napkin placed on the knees during the first minute after he sat down at the table to dine. It is not necessary to cling its area over the shirt collar, or tuck the belt. Just spread it on your lap (you can open only half, this is usually enough). This will protect your pants from splatter and various crumbs, and even with the help of this napkin to wipe your mouth. When you sing or you will be forced to move away, put it carefully to the left of the plate.

When to start?

The safest and the simple answer is when you start others. Often it is unclear eat: the mistress and her assistant in the kitchen, a couple of guests somewhere out there left, and they are not dozvatsya. In this case, if the hot is already filed and left at least two people, you can begin. If the food and all sitting and served already three or four people, we can also start (if you, of course, more than four people. If less, wait until everyone is served). Most importantly — never gonna be alone, however hot you need to eat while it’s still hot.

If there is a tradition of praying before meals, reading the prayer of the master of the house, and the initiative can offer anyone. The main thing to say about this desire before all served on the table and put it on plates. Toast you can say at any time, when filled the glasses, and, with the exception of formal dinners, they can be anyone. Guests often toast the hospitality of the owner.

Elbows, long plates and Cutlery trouble

how to behave at the table

Elbows on the table, as you know, better not to put, but nothing special if you put them on the table, talking with someone during the change of dishes or for tea or coffee. Reach is prohibited. If you can’t get some plate easily (you have to climb to reach the food) or it is in someone’s personal space, ask the nearest person to give you this. If something is spilled, first, make it so that it ceased to flow, and then ask the owner to help you dry. Then forget about the event and enjoy lunch.

What if you do not want

If you just don’t want to try it. You didn’t try the dish, how do you know if you’ll like it? Always try a little of all the dishes. Sometimes even the smallest bite is enough, let the rest stays on the plate — but the hostess will not be offended.

You’re on a diet. Depending on the strictness of the diet, you can prevent the hostess in advance so she prepared something for you personally. Something to eat before this dinner to not be hungry and try a bit of that you can.

You don’t drink. Until recently I wasn’t drinking and had difficulty on some lunch: there they were expecting me to alcohol consumption. You can persuade and even force. How to be? Will offer you a compromise: to give a toast, take a SIP, and then barely touch the liquid with his lips. This usually works. When people know that you basically do not drink, they soon cease to bother you again with this issue. Just be persistent, don’t give in to the entreaties, and all will be left behind.

How to say you’re finished

thank you I ate

The best way is to put your fork and knife across the plate like a clock showed 4:20. Fork closer to you by tines up, and knife blade to the plug. It is the most comfortable position Cutlery for the waiter to take the plate off the table and not to miss anything.


Before leaving, thank all the owners of the house. If it was a large event (over 30 people) and you urgently need to leave, and the owners somewhere in the midst of the crowd talking with other guests, you can leave in English and not easy. In this case it is better to ask a friend to say goodbye for you. However, within 24 hours be sure to call the hosts and explain the reason for his hasty departure.

Final tips

1. Have fun and let yourself a couple of drinksif you want, but don’t get carried away too much, don’t spoil the evening owners. Often the party is the man who took it and began to argue with his girlfriend, or to let ambiguous jokes.

2. To communicate with people. Listen to them, heed to what they say, be careful. If during the last ten minutes you’re the one who said that it is not a conversation, and presentation.

3. Unplug the phone and enjoy the moment. He was not on silent mode: Yes will you be checking it every five minutes and give others to understand that you have more important things to do. You can live one night without Twitter and instagram.

4. The best way to acquire good manners — is the practice. Make this a habit. Teach your children, and you’ll never get trapped.

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