How to behave at the office party

We thought about it and came to the conclusion that the importance of corporate events much higher than it is usually to imagine. It’s not just an excuse to have fun with the ugly mugs of the everyday life in an informal setting and to dress up in something informal-fashionable-beautiful. A corporate event is the most important day in the life of the team, a kind of parade on may 9 concert by Day of militia, the final episode of the battle with the main villain — in General, a paramount. Some are waiting for that day with trembling impatience is middle-virgins, others realize that there is nothing interesting in these downcast mugs can not happen, especially after such a busy period and don’t want to go there. But we must go, for His Majesty team-building does not tolerate those who avoid mass unity.

But coming to the epicenter of revelry, must comply with the rules, that then was not painfully ashamed of myself and the whole team. How much shame, dirty trick and idiocy I had to look when he was host of corporate events, ranging from lesbians, dirty sucky-face on the table with inverted, before this edible snacks to drunken homosexuals who publicly tell their not less than hominem comrades, what, where and who agrees to promotion. In General, there is something to strive for.

But not gorge themselves like a beast

The corporate need to rejoice the generosity of his superiors to drink in order to successfully accomplish the first two points. Alcohol — a constant attribute of the corporate, his flesh from the blood. For many, stinging moisture, the only joy on the occasion. Even if the corporate non-alcoholic, that everyone is waiting for.

But drinking is not the same thing as to get drunk in the trash. Drink the people, cultural, pigging — pigs.

It is likely that your boss will be able to remember what you look like ugly under attack by a green snake.

Will think of you as a man with weaknesses, who are not able to control myself. Of course, people close to you as that, but notice how evil you are. In addition, alcoholic looseness provokes such ugly deeds.

Only without the hands

The result is drunk all the hatred duram from another Department who constantly sticks somewhere evaporate. Virgo cuter and even a little prettier. My heart longs for love and affection — it is understandable, just don’t think you’re magical, you smell so don’t touch someone, especially in front of everyone.

I want you to meet someone, and without girls

Generally, corporate is the tool for team-building, and the authorities on hand if you start to make acquaintance with all the good and beautiful dressed girls. Another thing is that you’re with them to examine going, but hanky-panky twist. It is important to prepare in advance so as not to fall into the arms dries lonely bitch, for which marriage is the goal itself. After all, you didn’t need such problems we feel.

And in addition another wisdom: don’t bring a friend. Well, who knows what: for example, your drunk colleague with whom you in good relations, will begin to behave familiarly, and the girl will be bored in a circle of strangers. What is the good of it all? Will have to sit next to her so she is not bored and fell asleep.

Do not criticize the user with drunken colleagues, if you haven’t talked in quite

So, you still wound up new acquaintances. Men, women — it doesn’t matter. And here at the glass-another cut of the eyes of your fleeting friendship, and you start to look for common themes. The first thing you have in common — the theme of the work. But what can you discuss? You start to complain about each other to the authorities, the workflow on other colleagues. But the sympathy and understanding begins to inflate, and you have no control over his speech, by sending under the hammer of criticism and all.

Only here for the morning will be that one even though he was drunk, but still remembers and likes the former somehow does not show. Becoming anxious, and rightly so, nothing unfamiliar people to confess. So control yourself, criticize moderately, and it is better to talk about abstract topics, even about politics. Generally, less gut-wrenching inside my personal, because people are different.

Do not sit with a rotten face

The chief paid for your fun, and you sit acidly, as if you were a lonely weirdo that’s being discussed on the show. Like you, I do not like nor employees (a drunk can even arrange on this occasion a fight) or the boss. What a strange type, hang the melted ice in the glass?

At least you socialize with people, because for those you have collected. Do not have to go out and participate in contests. If you want to make a toast to the company and boss. It is unlikely you will remember the words themselves, but the fact that you mumbled into the microphone, the boss will notice.

Not the time to talk about money

Not only zadalbyvat bosses talk about promotion and salaries. Well, have you got no conscience, people came to have fun, and here you are with your uncomfortable questions. Honestly, a disgrace.

If you have the whole evening poured some wine into the glass of the boss, and the conversation about the place, prospects and salaries came by itself — then it is possible, but I don’t play. If the boss is sober — it will razdobudesh, although of decency he will tell you that it will look into the matter. If a drunk is likely to forget. Will be carefully pretend that you forgot.

The main thing is the measure

In the morning was not painfully hurt by the awareness of their own hopelessness, come home Testament — do not overdo it and know the measure in everything. While dancing does not need to writhe stung epileptic; behind the bar don’t need to thump like it’s the last time; with food, too — don’t jump; and it is not necessary to penetrate the language in the gums to the unfamiliar girl from HR on the table in the middle of the feast. To do this, there is a cozy place. Although everyone will know everything.

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