How to behave at the bachelor party

bachelor party

You and your friends have always been inseparable. He’s always been your wingman, you cling together hot friends, having fun in strip clubs together, stuffed the bills into her panties dancers — all went well until this day. your friend is getting married. Who would have thought? We can’t let him out of the world of pleasures without a bachelor cool bachelor party. By tradition it is necessary to invite to the most incendiary, crazy and drunk bro-party of all time, have fun with him. This is the day your guy, and Yes, you will be surprised, but there are even rules of etiquette that will help you not be shit at this important moment.

Even if your friend is weak-willed of those passive types who do everything with the other guys; who feel guilty when someone does what they want, you still need to pry that like him personally. You can even directly ask what he wants. There are guys who just sit with a beer, swap some stories and watch football. Other dudes — they are some kind of dark genius, ever they need to get on all night in the planetarium, the stripper in the cake. Here is no clue. It may be a simple guy, which is enough picnic with coke and burgers, and games of Frisbee, or a lover of surprises, wants nothing to suspect while in the back seat of the car will not jump out a stripper and not a station very close to the world dance on his lap. Don’t judge him: look at you when you’re going to lock your dick in jail — what would be your last wish?

However, simply having a plan is not enough. Wow, Disney was also the plan for the Lone Ranger, and Germany was his plan during world war II. In the end, you should be able to perform, and to perform brilliantly without any complaints, or you’re hell to be corrupt. You don’t want to be the insane drunk guy at the end of the evening crying and hugging everybody, because his bro-love crossed all boundaries? Therefore, please don’t overdo it with alcohol. You’re not the same as before, and all are not the same. The sea of alcohol will turn your friendly Grand farewell to merry blew after trying to «drink like old». You gonna spray the cab and upset the waitress.

All the costs you guys assume

If you throw a bachelor party for my future husband, you do everything and pay for everything. You can ask all the dudes to chip in, this is the normal course. But the groom did not have to pay for anything: it’s a gift for him, his party. Don’t be greedy. Surely he had not time to water you at your own expense and pay for you to the movies. He’s generous, and you’re his bro, why not show reciprocity?

Think about transport

Surely you are not going to sit up all night in one place, plus, you certainly will drink. Therefore, you should think about the question of logistics: how to get you from one place to another, so that no one was battherta? Probably you will need to order not one taxi (or one large). In short, it is also to your conscience.

Remember that you are waiting for the costs

Alright guys chipped in. Yes, you made a plan and dropped the money for all possible expenses. But better still to protect themselves, not to strike in a dirt the person and to drop cash on a case of some force majeure. You never know, suddenly the groom or anyone of you have any bright idea, the embodiment of which need additional funds? No question, dude. You thought of everything.

Don’t let his family reason to hate him

Every bachelor party has friends who first met with the family of the honoree. For example, guys from the uni who was next to him in the best years of his life and dragged him out of jail or, say, was protected from an angry boyfriend of the girl he boozed up called a fat-assed bitch. The details don’t matter: they in anyone know that dude with pleasure would like to hide from your family, especially if these are religious freaks. Always pay attention to whose company you stories poison. If you speak to him Orthodox in the head twenty year old cousin, do not talk about your night walks in the cemetery. If his younger brother is an ardent defender of animals, don’t start talking about your trips to the races.

Now just about invited

You also should really think about. The guy probably decent friends, whom he had met at different moments of his life, and that people from all walks of life: childhood friends, guys from uni, friends from work, friends, interests, random, inexplicable types. Remember who he’s talking about most of all, to whom he is good person he would like to see. Think about family members, to whom he could feel guilty for not inviting them. Get them all! All except those whom he hates. And Yes, important point: the bachelor party and the bachelor party that the girls do not call back! No girlfriends, so there’s no reason to explain something. Severe male party.

Be reliable

your friend always could trust you, but on this day he especially needs your reliability. What happens on the stag stays on the stag, even if in a month you will quarrel in down and ashes and don’t want to know each other. Even if you find it difficult to communicate with someone, avoiding the topic of the bachelor party, remember: it is taboo. It is impossible to say never, never tell anyone.

Remember my speech about the problems with the family?

There is one more important thing — his relationship with the bride

It is not necessary to hold the bachelor party so that the man doubted his decision. It cost him time and nerves, trust me. And now, when he has already decided for life, you cannot knock it off course and blowing up his brain. So, the bachelor party is created, so the dude can blow off steam and unwind after all the wedding hassle. It is vital that this relaxation is not turned into a problem that he cannot solve. Stop unbridled joy when it starts to overstep and ceases to fit into your plans. It is necessary to keep everything under control.

In the end I would like to remind you that there are holidays that are nice to fail: for example, Valentine’s Day or Earth Day, but the bachelor party your friend is not among them. If you want to celebrate this day, get your ass, think about what your guy likes and do not give his family a reason to hate him. Relax, have fun, and let the holiday will be so strange, as almost anyone your married friend. If he wants to wave the members, be willing to do so. Yes the manual and try not to feel gay. It’s only once, and for a good cause.

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